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Wednesday Pile of Prep

Davis_Traitor_cloth_covered_FeaturedMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of election day 2013, Northern Colorado to “Secede or Die”, vote with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Consider for an instance Washington’s manifesto in answer to Burgoyne’s demands for submission, August 1777: “The associated armies in America act from the noblest of motives, liberty. The same principles actuated the arms of Rome in the days of her glory; and the same object was the reward of Roman valor.” – M.E. Bradford on what Rome can teach us today

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WaTimes: Chris Christie victory will send message that GOP can win without the Tea Party, social conservatives and other radical elements of “the far right”. Folks, this is right out of the election of 1858, the faction that develops here will further alienate those [r]epublicans who want nothing to do with Mordor’s omnipresence

Christie: I am a conservative NOT a moderate (hmmmm….what is he trying to conserve?)

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When VA ‘s political system got out of whack a mere 50 years after its creation by Patrick Henry, George Mason, R H Lee and Thomas Jefferson among others, they asked voters to consider a new convention to reform their government, this is the record of their proceedings in 1829, chaired by Madison and Monroe

One of the most accomplished yet little know Founder AND Christian Gentlemen was John Randolph of Roanoke, I am researching him for reference and for a good volume on his life to republish, this one is rare and good


Sign up for a Founders Pass and get a digital copy of this book for free!
Sign up for a Founders Pass and get a digital copy of this book for free!

SECEDE! 5 of 11 CO counties vote to determine their own form and system of government and break away from Mt Doom (Denver) and form their own state

VA Gubenatorial election: Well, at least carpe bagging McCAuliffe didn’t win Appomattox County. Seems to me that it is time for VA to consider what the scourge of those 3 northern counties are about to do to her politics, character and well being. George Mason wrote the best rethought a citizen of the Old Dominon can safely harbor on Wednesday morning while calling for a new ConCon to deal with the virus before it spreads.

“No free government, or the blessing of liberty, can be preserved to any people, but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and by frequent recurrence  to fundamental principles.” – George Mason, VA BOR

Ooooh, ahhhhh, Rachel Maddow scores a big “restructuring” of Senator Rand Paul’s office for all her bogus efforts to paint him as the world’s greatest plagiarist

The all-too-real story of how Jill Kelley and her family were illegally searched and then seized by the FBI after they requested help to root out an internet stalker (Paula Broadwell) of their family. HOW did the FBI glean the authority to thrust the Kelley’s into a “media vortex” remains an unexplained horror story from the SpyFare State

RandGate Day 6: WaTimes whacks Senator Paul over “plagiarism” allegations in newspaper editorial vehicle that never carries footnotes! Is this really where Maddow & Co want to go with this because I am fairly certain that the quicksand foundation progressivism is built on has NO foot-notable “facts” or “sources”

Writers, making their livings off of technology based innovations, complain that those innovations make it nearly impossible for them to write because no one, with a cell-phone, can ever claim to “be lost” again! Maybe these millennial whiners should just apply pencil to paper and figure out IMAGINATIVE ways for characters to “be lost” before whining to Facebook about it?

Olmstead: NY Times editor wants to proclaim TODAY the “Golden Age of News” because the thing is so easy to get and so widely available yet the world keeps getting more stupid, more broke and more corrupt so just how is QUANTITY of “news product” satisfying the need for honest reporting


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