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 HEADLINE: What Progress Wants by Paul Kingsnorth 

Colonisation – The ultimate result of the revolution of modernity, predicted Del Noce, would be fragmentation, nihilism, and ‘the death of the sacred.’ The twin revolutionary engines of the postwar era, he suggested, were scientism and sex. The first usurped the role of religion and culture, reducing all life to the level of the measurable and controllable. The second, via the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the resulting ‘permissive society’, unleashed a radical individualism cored around sexual desire, which would lead to the fragmentation of everything from nationhood to the family – but leave capitalism and its attendant class, the bourgeoisie, intact… 

FROM THE ARTICLE: The rushing power that runs beneath the age of Progress, the energy of the modern world, the river that carries us onwards – where is it taking us? We know the answer. Humans cannot live for very long without a glimpse of the transcendent, or an aspiration, dimly understood, to become one with it. Denied this path, we will make our own. Denied a glimpse of heaven, we will try to build it here. This imperfect world, these imperfect people – they must be superseded, improved, remade. Flawed matter is in our hands now. We know what to do.

  • So basically what ‘Progress’ wants is to REPLACE us!
  • They have the elites that want to rule us.
  • They want to pull the strings and make the system that we must play in.
  • EXAMPLE: Samuel Adams brewing company – 
  • Why can’t companies stay out of politics?
  • If you make beer, just make good beer.
  • If you make cookies, just make good cookies.
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