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Wednesday Red Pill Diaries- Membah’: The Dawn Of Christmas Is The Antithesis Of Covid Communism

 Governor John Bel Edwards 

  • Goes against the legislature and says COVID vaccine will be a requirement for public school children.

HEADLINE: Gov. Edwards Rejects House Committee Action on COVID-19 Vaccine, Will Add It to Louisiana’s School Immunization Schedule

“I understand that any issue around COVID-19, especially those that involve our children, can be divisive, I ask that you and your colleagues work with me to get more people in Louisiana vaccinated. It is worth noting that while many of the diseases on the public health immunization schedule were once both rampant and deadly, they are no longer serious risks for school age children in Louisiana. This is true because almost everyone was vaccinated against these diseases, many as a condition for attending elementary school.  One can only imagine where we would be as a state if the same overheated rhetoric from last week’s meeting was applied to Polio or Measles. The development of the COVID-19 vaccines in time to help us put this pandemic behind us also requires us to do everything we can to add COVID-19 to the list of diseases that no longer pose a serious threat,” Gov. Edwards wrote


 HEADLINE: Christmas 1981 Heralded the Collapse of Communism in Poland by Paul Kengor 

  • By December 1981, every man and his sister, brother and mother belonged to the independent, anti-Soviet, pro-Catholic Church trade union. It had become a movement of mass resistance to Soviet Communism.
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