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Wednesday Red Pill Diaries-The Pro-Choice Crowd IS Outing Itself For What It’s Always Been: Moloch’s Food Source

 HEADLINE: Tim Scott confronts Janet Yellen for saying abortion boosts economy: ‘Harsh’ by Zachary Halaschak 

  • So Janet Yellen actually states that it is better to keep abortion legal so women can work.
  • She advocates the murdering of babies so we can keep the minority women in the workforce!

HEADLINE: Yellen Endorses Moloch by Emile Doak 

  • The devil is just telling everyone what is happening and basically daring the people w/ a moral compass to do something about it.
  • She also implies that abortion makes you smarter. 
  • We now know this is the policy of many major companies. 

Catherine Hadro Twitter: Microsoft. Tesla. Amazon.

These companies announced they’ll cover travel costs for employees to get an abortion. What about out-of-pocket costs for women that carry their baby to term?

This isn’t advocating ‘choice’. This is not care. This is INCENTIVIZING abortion.

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