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Welcome & Support Monday’s Special Guest Father Daniel Heenan-Cult, Culture & Conversions

For A Benedict Option There Must Be a Saint Benedict – by Father Daniel Heenan

Mandeville, LA – On Monday, 17 August, we will be blessed with an in-studio visit from Father Daniel Heenan of the Fraternal Society of St Peter (FSSP). Fr. Heenan will talk with me about the “Benedict Option”, writer Rod Dreher has made popular, give us some exciting history of St. Benedict’s life AND discuss how our culture has corrupted us and our institutions. Fr. Heenan can also provide a different view of the Mexican people outside of the “rapists and thieves” description most “conservatives” stereotype an entire country with.

Please also consider supporting Fr. Heenan’s mission in Guadalajara Mexico as the FSSP wages a Crusade of sorts to reclaim “New Spain” from the socialists and hedonistic pagans that currently are in power. Father Heenan described his mission a short while back thus:

I am constantly amazed at the strong Catholic faith and devotion here in Guadalajara and almost everywhere I travel across Latin America. At the same time I can see forces at work here to erode and disregard the traditions of the faith in the same ways it has been is occurring in North America and Europe. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by what I experience here every day and have great hope for the future.

In the more than six years that the Fraternity of St. Peter has been working in Guadalajara, we have seen our apostolate steadily grow. Thanks be to God, the work we have been doing has borne fruit not only in Guadalajara, but throughout Mexico and Latin America. Last year the FSSP opened its second Mexican apostolate in one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City. We also regularly receive requests to celebrate Masses in various cities throughout Mexico and Latin American and a steady flow of vocational inquiries.

Father Heenan’s talk on St. Benedict can be previewed on video here. Please pray for and support this modern day Junipero Serra and pray that we might see American priests, doing this kind of Apostolate work in the United States too.

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