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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – Corporate welfare is larger than private welfare.  If you’re going to demonize and vilify the takers, you better get your knives sharpened and you better set your sights on the corporate welfare, the corporatists, as well as the snotty-nosed one-percenter that is suckling off the teat and doing nothing more for his college degree that you and I paid for than going to the mailbox every other week to go get his or her check, while they’re lounging around in their parents’ basement playing the latest iteration of some stupid game on Facebook.  They’re not the only ones that are getting the graft. Check out the rest in today’s audio and transcript…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Caller:  I got one better than that.  How about the people on welfare and the people who have no ambition to work?  You don’t need to vote because you’re a taker.  The givers, the people like me — I own a small business.  I’m scared that the doers will decide that we should give you more and the takers shouldn’t have a word in it.  Obviously you’re going to vote for the guy who’s giving you the check.

Mike:  There’s something to be said about that.  I believe that as a result of this election, many people’s eyes are opening or are going to be opened to that fact, that there is a significant portion of the population — look, this idea that it’s all just the 50 percent of welfare cheats that are lying around collecting checks, that’s a portion of it, but that’s not the whole deal.  What about Archer Daniels Midland?  They get welfare, too.  What about ConAgra?  What about Boeing?  What about Martin Marietta or every other defense contractor?  What about all the contractors that serve the federal leviathan?  What about the healthcare providers that are now going to be saying: That’s great business for us.  You have to buy a policy and you have to come into one of our hospitals.

Corporate welfare is larger than private welfare.  If you’re going to demonize and vilify the takers, you better get your knives sharpened and you better set your sights on the corporate welfare, the corporatists, as well as the snotty-nosed one-percenter that is suckling off the teat and doing nothing more for his college degree that you and I paid for than going to the mailbox every other week to go get his or her check, while they’re lounging around in their parents’ basement playing the latest iteration of some stupid game on Facebook.  They’re not the only ones that’s are getting the graft.

Caller:  Understood.  That’s all I had to say.  I found it very interesting that the major metropolitan areas were all blue, yet the country was painted red.  California was majorly painted red except for LA, San Diego, all those places over there.  Their vote didn’t count.

Mike:  How instructive it is, and my, oh my how the circle is full now and complete.  Back in the 1790s and early part of the 19th century, there was a great, grand debate that went on between members that were in and of the founding generation over the mercantile business class and the rural, agrarian class.  What you’re basically describing are the descendants of the agrarians who live in those counties that are not inside those cities — they live there by choice because they want to — versus those that are inside the cities.  It’s the same dichotomy that existed all the way back at the dawn of the constitutional era.

In the miniseries John Adams, I play this clip all the time, Jefferson and Hamilton actually discussed this:

[start audio clip – from John Adams ]

Hamilton: The future prosperity of this nation rests chiefly in trade. Trade depends, among other things, on the willingness of other nations to lend us money.

Jefferson: And how would you propose to establish international credit?

Hamilton: Our first step would be to incur a national debt. The greater the debt, the greater the credit.

Jefferson: If the states are indebted to a central authority, it increases the power of the central government.

Hamilton: There you have it exactly. The greater the government’s responsibility, the greater its authority.

Jefferson: The moneyed interest in this country is all in the north, so the wealth and power would inevitably be concentrated there in a federal government, to the expense of the south.

Hamilton: If that is the case, it is unavoidable if the Union is to be preserved.

Jefferson: I fear our revolution will have been in vain if a Virginia farmer is to be held in hock to a New York stock jobber, who in turn is in hock to a London banker.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  Right there, boom, there it is.  It still exists today.  That’s what you’re seeing when you point those blue counties out and those red counties out.  You’re having the Hamilton versus Jefferson, the John Taylor of Caroline — probably the greatest [r]epublican that ever lived, certainly the most prolific in his writing and his political philosophy and thought — versus the John Adamses, versus the Alexander Hamiltons, versus the Gouverneur Morrises, versus the Timothy Pickerings of What Lincoln Killed: Episode I fame.  He’s the one that plotted secession from 1801 all the way through the Hartford Convention of 1815.  It’s the same dichotomy that’s been playing itself out.

I will also say this to you in regard to Thomas Jefferson.  There’s a famous letter — all of Jefferson’s letters are famous.  In one of his letters he wrote to, I believe he was president at the time, he wrote to someone who was saying what I just said about a conversation like what we just had.  Jefferson wrote saying: I don’t know that maybe us being around serves for the entertainment and mischievous rhetorical purposes of our northern brethren and whether or not their existence doesn’t serve ours.  In other words, just because they’re there and we’re here, and they make fun of us and we make fun of them, does not necessarily mean we need to sever the political bands, although that ultimately became necessary.

I would suggest to you today that the problem with the theory that it was only the takers that lived in the blue counties that voted for President Obama, that is just not correct.  We have also done a lot of work on this radio program in bringing to you the unvarnished truths, which is that the size and stature of the under white trash class has expanded dramatically over the last two decades, right, AG?  See Honey Boo Boo for example.  The illegitimacy rate amongst white middle to low class females is now approaching 50 percent.  I guarantee you there’s not a soul listening to this program right now that doesn’t know some 18- to 25-year-old young lady who was convinced that marriage was not something you had to do, it was optional, and that sex was something that everyone was doing, that the old traditions and old norms were out the window.  Don’t worry, you can go have a baby.  You don’t need a daddy, you got your daddy.  If that doesn’t work, Uncle Sam will step in and he will play baby daddy.  The illegitimacy rate amongst young, white females is alarming.  Many, if not all of them, are also teat-sucklers, as are their children.

Folks, these are problems not of politics.  That is a problem of virtue.  That is a problem of an amoral, immoral people that have just in whole cloth rejected God and the old traditions and the old norms out of their lives, arrogantly, and I would say to the detriment of those children.  They will never know what it’s like to grow up with mom and dad, many of whom will never know dad, and some of whom will never know mom.  This is major.  This is the problem here.  You continue to create the underclass.  You continue to create that class of people that are, by and large, dependent.  They’re always going to be dependent.  You continue to create that every day that the welfare state and the nanny state and the Obamas and the Republicans that won’t do anything about it are in existence.  All of our political classes do this.  In every state of the union, there are giveaway programs for those that were irresponsible and reckless with their ability to procreate.  Sorry, that’s the way it is.

By the way, young men, that does not leave you off the hook either.  It used to be if you did what was done with those young ladies and she became pregnant, you used to do what used to be called — how did we anachronistically used to say it — “do the right thing, marry that girl.”  How often does that happen these days?  If it does, we’re not committed to anything in our lives these days.  We’re free.  We’re happy.  We got no-fault divorces.  Go out there and find yourself an attorney and sever that relationship.  There is nothing that’s everlasting.  There’s nothing that’s transcendent.  There’s nothing that’s permanent.  We’re America.  We have Facebook and Twitter.  We drop relationships as fast as we drop underwear in a washing machine.  But don’t talk about that, because why do you want to spoil the party?  Why do you want to rain on our freedom parade?  Freedom?  Really, seriously, that’s freedom?  Becoming dependent, becoming a ward of the state, bringing a child into this world without a pair of parents, that’s the best we can do?

We have an entire class of adults that will not shame those young ladies, and an entire class of fathers, an entire generation of fathers that will not shame those young boys into telling them, “You make it, buddy, you own it.”  That’s what I tell my stepson: You’re coming of age; you make it, you own it, it’s yours.  It is a sad, sorry state of affairs and it’s all, most of it, preventable.  We can’t be bothered because we have science and technology.  We can’t be bothered with old fuddy-duddy things like traditions and fuddy-duddy things like courting and dating and what have you.  Let’s just get to the sex and maybe we’ll “court” later.  I mean we’ll court later when we have to sue you to get child support or sue you for visitation rights.  That’s what courting is today, actually going to a court.

There’s a book out there dads, moms, prospective moms and dads.  It’s called Her Hand in Marriage.  It’s probably number one billion on the list of best sellers at Amazon, meaning they bought a hundred copies and there are 98 of them still there.  I have one.  Read it.  That’s why I have suggested to male members of this audience to become gentlemen again.  This is what is missing.  Where are the fathers at that are providing what it is that those daughters need?  Where are the fathers at that are providing what those sons need?  Counsel.  Be a man for crying out loud.  Tell them: If you do what your buddies are doing, you are going to be responsible for it.

That’s why our little group, the ReFounding Father Society, is encouraging our members — big meeting tomorrow in Houston, Texas.  I shall be there, details on the website.  Right now our membership is not worrying about who’s getting elected next or what kind of politics we’re going to pursue, although that will come up.  There are other things in life other than politics and screaming and hollering about government.  How about becoming good fine men and women, gentlemen and gentle ladies?  Our assignment for this month is to read the first ten letters of the Earl of Chesterfield in Letters to His Son.  This English gentleman from the 18th century was writing letters to his son who was living in France as he was living in England, telling him: Look, son, I’m not there to raise you.  This is what’s going to make you a statesman and a gentleman, will make you a giant among your peers.  Learn these things and your life will be much better and the lives of the people around you will be much better.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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