What Are These People So Happy About?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Why are these people so happy?  Folks, put yourselves on the other side of the fence for a moment.  What is it that makes the citizen of libtardia so happy other than they get to go to the mailbox and get the checks provided by you and I for the next four years, unless Boehner and company snuffs some of that out?  Why is it that they’re so happy?  They are so happy because they believe they have accomplished something. Check out the rest in today’s transcript…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I’m watching the Clinton News Network.  I’m also watching MSNBC.  I can just tell by looking at the staffers that they’re just giddy over this.

AG:  I’ve been staring at Al Sharpton’s smiling mug for the past 45 minutes.

Mike:  [mocking Sharpton] “Well, let me say to, Andrew, that I’m glad that Morning Joe have me on here to talk about the greatness that is the country that could elect the first re-elected African-American President of the United States.  We gots a lot of work to do, but it’s heartenin’ to see that President Obama gonna return back to the White House.”  Pretty good Sharpton.  He’s happy, isn’t he?

AG:  He’s pleased.

Mike:  Soledad O’Brien is beaming.  Soledad O’Brien looks pregnant she’s so happy — you know women are supposed to glow when they’ve got the pregnancy glow.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz medusa hair is ecstatic, even though she got mauled as the chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  Why are these people so happy?  Folks, put yourselves on the other side of the fence for a moment.  What is it that makes the citizen of libtardia so happy other than they get to go to the mailbox and get the checks provided by you and I for the next four years, unless Boehner and company snuffs some of that out?  Why is it that they’re so happy?  They are so happy because they believe they have accomplished something.

I want you to think about this.  In the United States of America these days, accomplishment is not whether or not you went to church last Sunday.  It’s not whether or not you’re raising good, fine, decent, moral creatures called children.  It is not whether or not you participate in your local Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club.  It is not whether you pick a set of hammer and nails up and actually help build the Widow Jenkins’ house that burned down.  It’s not whether or not you’ve already volunteered to go hang out with the Knights of Columbus this Christmas and distribute Christmas gifts, that you paid for yourself or raised the money for, to the less needy.  It’s not whether you volunteered for a mission to go to Africa and try to help dig wells for those that don’t know how to dig them.  It is none of those things.

For those of you that put all your faith into the actual action of voting, I want you to listen to me.  What these people are happy about is that people went into these things called voting booths and they voted.  They were able to achieve abortions paid for by taxpayers.  They are able to achieve almost unassailable majorities in the United States Senate and now in the executive branch to ensure that the abortive process will continue unabated.  They were able to ensure that there will be nonstop admission of illegal aliens who do not share your [r]epublican devotion and commitment to self-government.  They have the exact opposite.  They come from socialist dictatorships.  It’s the only way of life that they know.  They do tend to matriculate towards it.  They are celebrating accomplishment by being able to prove who they are and go into a thing called a ballot box, into a voting booth.

Now the political class that they have elected must now undertake the task of figuring out new and more inventive ways to steal what is rightfully yours and to redistribute it to those who are celebrating today, to insult with every fiber of their being, with everything they do, our lord, God and savior Jesus Christ or whatever god it is that you pray to that holds, as the highest maxim, that human life is sacred and that’s why we are here.  That was assaulted.  That is what went on in that ballot box.  There will be none of this talk about this god fellow that you guys keep bringing up.  There will be none of this talk that marriage is some archaic institution that was created by religious orders.  Forget that and forget you.  We will convene these things called legislatures and we will now transfer that power from God, from the eternal, from the transcended.  We will transfer that power, to convey marriage vows and marriage convictions.  We will transfer that power now to the almighty State.  That’s what they’re celebrating.

In other words, they are celebrating the things that you and I believe are the demons that we must confront in our lives every day.  They’re celebrating them.  They’re happy about them.  They’re happy about the redistribution of wealth, which is not redistribution; that’s a nice term.  It is outright and downright theft, and it continues on today.  They’re celebrating that a million and a half American children will not see the light of day this year because they will be exterminated in their mothers’ wombs and many of us will be forced to pay for it.  They’re celebrating this.  They are celebrating that our children and our unborn grandchildren will be saddled with a debt that they cannot possibly repay, but who cares about that?  We’ll continue our funding party for this initiative and that program and this handout.  They’re celebrating the things that you believe are not good.

They’re celebrating them because we have democracy.  If we had republicanism, they would be unable to celebrate these things because they would have to obtain vast majorities and they would also have to obtain — when they couldn’t obtain vast majorities, they would have to obtain some kind of legal mechanism in order to dilute the vote.  What has happened in the United States over the course of the last century is that we have imported into our midst people that do not care for the spirit of ’76.  We have imported into our midst people that do not care for the art of self-government or self-governing, which is not to say that all immigrants are of this stripe, but certainly we have diluted our own numbers.  We dilute them at our own peril.

The saddest thing for me last night is not that President Obama won reelection, although that is sad.  The saddest thing for me to behold last night was, in the instances where the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States could have been made ironclad, like in the State of Arizona, that an uneducated people, apparently unaware of what it is that is their birthright, rejected it.  They rejected it because people bought advertising and there was not enough of an intellectual brain trust there to combat it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the challenge is not just electoral, it is philosophical, it is intellectual, and it’s educational.  The education process must continue.  The reanimating of all those old works that they wanted to chase out of the history books and the way that the Western canon used to be taught, that had to be gotten rid of, the order that came from believing that there was a higher authority than you — a God, the eternal, the transcended — that had to be eliminated.  The only way you can make room for the rule of man is to eliminate the rule of God.

Congratulate the Democrats.  Congratulate the Progressives.  They have nearly completely won what it was they set out to win a hundred years ago.  So the question for you this morning, fair friend: What are we going to do about it?  Talk of secession is reactionary, I believe.  Those that are talking about it today will forget about it by December the 1st.  Amongst those that are talking about it, a small number may actually read about it, may actually study it, may actually rethink the American union, may actually rethink the composition of the federal order, which is no longer a federal order.  They may actually rethink these things and come to the conclusion, as your forefathers did at the time, to talk about it.  The time to begin acting on it is now.

Folks, you can’t replace something with nothing.  I don’t want that to sound cliché, but it must be repeated.  That something must be firmly rooted in what was the American tradition, otherwise we are forced to conserve the New Deal, we are forced to conserve the nanny welfare state, unconstitutionally forced upon us by the Roosevelt administration way back in the 1930’s, enlarged and expanded by Kennedy and then Johnson and Nixon, then Carter, Clinton, Bush, and now by President Obama.  Is that what we wish to conserve?  Is there something else that you seek and that you see and say, “That’s what we are to conserve”?  Folks, that change begins with you.  That change begins in your house, in your school district.  AG, I’m told of one bright spot last night.  Do you know my buddy Dwayne Stovall?  Have you heard me talk about Dwayne?

AG:  Down in Texas?

Mike:  Yeah.  He ran for the statehouse and he lost.   He ran again last night and was elected to a local school board in Liberty County, Texas.  This is what we must do as [r]epublicans.  It’s not enough to talk about it anymore.  We must do it.  Next Thursday night, the ReFounding Father Society will meet in Mandeville, Louisiana for our first book club.  You may laugh and scoff and go, “Like I want to get together with a bunch of guys and talk about a book.”  It’s more than that.  It’s about establishing communities based upon common principle.  That is the conservative tradition here.  We’re going to talk about the Earl of Chesterfield’s book Letters to His Son about how a young Christian gentleman ought to be reared.  What should he learn?  What should we teach this young man?

This is important.  Western civilization is at stake.  This Saturday in Houston, Texas, those of you that are upset in the Houston area, go to  There is a big meeting of the Houston area ReFounding Father Society to discuss a legislative agenda for the State of Texas come January next year.  You should be at that meeting, no excuses.  [mocking] “I gotta be out of town.  I don’t have time.”  What do you mean you don’t have time?  What do you have time for?  The list could go on and on and on.  We are overrun, in other words, by an excess of democracy.  All democracies end in tragedy and this one will, too.  It’s up to you and I, my friends, to stop it.  Mark is up in Chicago next.  Yes, Mark, how are you?

Caller Mark:  Good morning, Mr. Church.  Every time I hear one of these Republicans like the fellow down in Missouri and the one over in Indiana get baited into talking about abortion due to rape or incest, I almost cringe.  I know they’re going to open their mouths and say something ridiculously stupid.  I don’t understand why in God’s name they don’t just come right out and say it, “If you’re a victim of rape, you go to the police department, report it, go to the doctor.”  If everybody remembers, about 20 years ago, there was a little pill ironically named RU-486.  You take a couple of those and the pregnancy never happens.

Mike:  Okay.

Caller Mark:  It boggles my mind that they don’t think of this.  Instead, they open their mouths and say something like that imbecile down in Missouri did.  I have one thing to say to everybody out there on the issue of abortion.  I am 100 percent prolife.  If a government doesn’t respect your right to life, why did you think they would respect your rights once you are alive?

Mike:  Oh, that’s good.  That is exactly right, Mark.  Sir, you are far wiser than your age, my friend.  AG, I want to bring one more point up because I’m already being blamed for Romney’s loss.  You’re being blamed.  Get this, Ron Paul is being blamed for the Romney loss.  I went over this with Jack Hunter last night and we discussed this.  If you look at the map of blue states, wherever it was that Obama won, just look at it.  Look at the percentages that Gary Johnson got, less than one percent.  He was rumored to be polling five percent in some states.  The point of me bringing this up is this: the much maligned, much hated and despised Ron Paul voter, and they are hated and despised by the decepticon, neocons, hated and despised that we were a bunch of traitors and turncoats.  There is no evidence of that whatsoever.

Gary Johnson didn’t even get a percent, yet we know in national polling sometime around February and March of last year, Congressman Paul in national polls was polling 12, 13, I think as high as 15 percent.  When there was a general election poll, he was polling 45, 46 percent right alongside Mitt Romney when the question was asked Romney versus Obama or Ron Paul versus Obama.  There was a substantial number of Ron Paul supporters that could have voted yesterday.  There is no evidence that the Ron Paul supporters, if the percentages are correct, broke en masse for Libertarian Gary Johnson — I’m not saying they didn’t — that they all voted their principles and conscience.  As a matter of fact, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the exact opposite happened.  Many of them decided — didn’t broadcast it to their friends — would go lesser of two evils and wound up voting for Mitt Romney.  There’s a lot of evidence to support that, yet they are being demonized and vilified for daring to have principles and daring to stick to them.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Kevin Case

I don’t trust anyone who wears a digital watch…

Phil Uzzo

I decided to go Galt, I suggest everyone that has been productive do the same and lets see how they make it without us!


Cmon, it’s about progress (yeah, the communist, up is down kind). The “left” if you want to call them that, has synthetically engineered society to be most concerned with justice for victims. Now, we all feel victimized in some way, so it’s an easy sell. They just toss out any concern for civil liberties and the rights of individuals in favor of reproductive rights, rights to a “living wage” and healthcare.Today, anyone who argues for a society based on individual achievement and personal responsibility is crucified as a heartless extremist.

We need to talk about this concept of progress, and the individuals who philosophically inspired today’s leaders in Washington. Force (ie. the force of govt) is NOT progress. Voluntary association, charity and a uniform Rule of Law- now that’s progress.


I am getting to the point of last resorts. As Ronald Reagan once said, “you could vote with your feet.” Of all the places I have been in the world, I could honestly say the American empire is over rated. The cold war is over and a though I might be 5th generation American with in the next few years this Slovak is going home.

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