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How Many Lives Could Be Altered By Charity?

The-Great-Facade-new-168x201Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Think about this.  Jebediah was fond of telling us during his question-and-answer session with DC180 on the CNN town hall show just how profoundly Christian and Catholic he was, just how profoundly his faith had animated and guided his journey to conservatism standard bearer.  How many children, orphans, soon-to-be-aborted lives could be altered by donation, charitable use instead of the vainglorious and prideful use of $150 million?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Quit.  Just quit.  It’s over.  Quit.  Your time and energy, your resources and conforming your mind to the reality of the truth is counting on you to quit.  Your country is counting on you to quit.  Your real country, not ‘Muricah.  We’ll get into that in a moment.  By the by, there’s a story at today.  I read the headline and the pyramid paragraph of what was in the story.  See if you can guess how much money Jeb Bush spent on his ill-fated, pride and vainglorious-filled attempt to continue the Bush family business.  Did that sound like a mob thing?  It was intended to sound like a mob thing.  How much do you think?  [mocking] “Mike, how about $35 million?”  You’re going to need to get to three million digits before you get even close.  [mocking] “100 million dollars?  That’s almost a thousand.”  No, go higher.  I’ll give you the number: $150 million.  That’s just to try and win a Republican primary.

Let’s analyze that for just a moment.  If you think that there’s still a chance that this money-drenched, corrupt process can be fixed or reformed by Theodore Lancelot or Marco Rubiat, explain the amount of pure dollars and cents required to play the game.  The only explanation is – [mocking] “Mike, I can’t believe that.”  No, I don’t believe it either.  Who would want to believe that?  Who would even want to admit?  The man never got into double digits, never got into double digits.  Yet $150 million.

Think about this.  Jebediah was fond of telling us during his question-and-answer session with DC180 on the CNN town hall show just how profoundly Christian and Catholic he was, just how profoundly his faith had animated and guided his journey to conservatism standard bearer.

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How many children, orphans, soon-to-be-aborted lives could be altered by donation, charitable use instead of the vainglorious and prideful use of $150 million?  Ponder that for just a moment and let’s give a hat tip to the modesty and to the humility of Rand Paul, to the modesty and somewhat humility of Governor Christie.  At least they bailed before spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an ill-fated endeavor.

Theodore Rafael ineligible Cruz is still out there spamming me four times per hour, and you, for campaign donations.  I actually deliver a product in return.  You get the radio show.  You get seven other radio shows.  You get an entire radio channel.  We don’t have a backer.  You are the backer.  You’re the consumer.  We’re not spamming people; we’re asking them to come into our radio restaurant, charityconsume our radio dishes, and hopefully at the end of the meal pay the tab, maybe even leave a tip.  We sent one out this morning, by the by, and we’ll send another one out to alert people to go download the apps.  The apps are really cool.  Think about that.

This is where Christian ‘Muricah is in 2016.  Its most prideful, most widely known, most popular and celebrated political players seem to have no problem spending tens upon tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to campaign for offices, higher offices than they currently hold.  Me and you, the peasantocracy out here, are so in need of saving, are so in need of being whisked off to that halcyon place where all conservative Republicans dream of living.  It’s just one election of Ted Cruz away.  It’s just one election of Marco Rubio away.  It’s just the election of one man away.  That’s how we obtain salvation today, we vote.  We donate to people’s campaigns who are going to receive our vote.  That’s how we achieve salvation.  That’s what Christian America now produces.

Instead of doing the actual charitable work we are called upon to do — what are we called upon to do?  Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend to the sick.  We can start by doing those things in our own families and our own neighborhoods and then in our own community.  Instead of doing that, let’s all participate in electoral politics.  When we’re not participating in them, let’s fixate and spend all of our time bemoaning the fact that they keep turning out the way we don’t want them to turn out.  This is what is quite remarkable about this.  Again, a great t-shirt design that we might have: This is quite remarkable – Mike Church Show – Crusade Channel.

Folks, what is going on here?  To even consider the thought that $150 million could be squandered on a campaign to try and obtain a nomination ought to chasten you.  It ought to make anyone that’s listening to this — I don’t care how embedded you are with the “establishment.”  If that doesn’t make you consider your way and see that there is something really wrong here, beyond really wrong here, I don’t know what will.  As a matter of fact, I’d say wash my hands.  I give up; I quit.  Through your own goodwill and through the grace of God it’ll be revealed to you, or it never will be.  Mere mortal men have failed to convince you.

I’m going to spend the first segment of this program here today to lay some more information out there, some more factual information, not that we need it, that fleshes this case out even further.  Two things that I’d like to talk to you about.  In the February issue of the print edition of American Conservative Magazine, we find this essay, this report, if you will, by Matthew Sheffield.  Here’s the headline, “Can a Christian Party Survive?”  His conclusion is no, it cannot.  Let me repeat that.  He means political party.  “Can a Christian [political] Party Survive?”  Sheffield’s conclusion is no, it can’t.

As a matter of fact, rather than going through all the statistics, I could just monologue on what I read today and give you the conclusion.  I’ll give you some of the stats.  What do the statistics say?  What is truth, folks?  Truth is conformity of the mind to reality.  What is the reality?  What is the reality of our current cultural existence?  We don’t have a cult because cult means to cultivate.  What we cultivate is diabolical things.  We cultivate the diabolical.  When I saw we cultivate the diabolical, let me explain.


I was reading from a little book that I bought for Lent this morning.  It opened my eyes.  There’s a daily reading routine that you’re supposed to read and then meditate upon and think about during the course of a day in Lent.  I read day two today.  As I’m reading — as soon as I finished I went: Yeah, of course.  That ties some of the things we’ve been talking about here on the show together.  The thing that I was called upon to meditate upon and think about was that from the time — think about this.  There are twelve different ways — I don’t have the book here with me, so I won’t get into the twelve ways.  There are twelve different methods, if you will, that are employed by those that operate in our cultural sewer, and it is a sewer, in which they communicate to us the principal parts of what we call culture today.


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From the time you were born, if you ever leave the house, if you ever turn a television on, if you ever turn a radio on, if you ever pick up a magazine, if you go to the doctor’s office and there’s a Highlights magazine there or Time magazine or Newseek, if you go to the grocery store, you cannot avoid being immersed in the culture.  Since it is repetitive, you will then — your thoughts and the way you think and the way you act will become programmed to be in sync with the culture.  This helps to explain why people don’t see the problem with playing Bad Company’s “Feel Like Making Love” song to fourth graders.

You remember that time — I’ve told this story 100 times.  I went to a function for my fifth grade children.  There were fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh graders in the gymnasium.  One of the parents, to kill time before the play started, decided to plug her iPod in for a selection of popular music.  The first song out the gun was Bad Company’s “Feel Like Making Love.”  It couldn’t be any more soft-core pornographic than that playing it to fourth graders.  A fourth grader’s little brain is being marinated.  The gist of the song, the entire song, is to program you to do what?  Yeah, I don’t need to fill you in.  You know.


End Mike Church Show Transcript

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