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What Conservatism Can Learn From Captain Jean Luc Picard

What Conservatism Can Learn FromCaptain Jean Luc Picard

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church withtodays Church Doctrine

In the Star Trek movie FirstContact, Captain Jean Luc Picard is confronted with what seems like a no winsituation as the evil Borg prepare to assimilate the earth unless Picardblows up the Enterprise and the Borg alongside it. Picard, refuses to cave into the defeat and in a moving speech says Weve made too many compromisesalready. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worldsand we fall back. Not again. The line must be draw here, this far and nofarther.

This pretty much sums up the stateof American conservatism, the citizens of Libtardia and their DeceptiCON allieshave compromised the limits the Constitution placed on the Federal governmentsince the early 1900s. They have invaded the space of every community in thisland, and conservatives fall back. They assimilate entire industries andconservatives fall back. Now we witness President Obama waging what isundeniably an unconstitutional war against Libyas sovereign and Conservatismsresponse is: Its ok, there is precedent to do this.

The matter is made worse by thosewho allege to be conservatives in the media and who support this action andeven defend it. Well my republican, conservative friends it is time to draw aline, they go this far and no further. And if they do push on, we must eitherrevert to calling ourselves republicans (with a little r) and break from themor wage a battle for the use and definition of the term conservative. To wagethat battle we can start by saying that Conservatives defend shining cities onAmerican hills not shining gun turrets on Libyan sand dunes.

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