The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? WaTimes Demands Saber Rattling at Iran

Brad Birzer: What are we to preserve and are we worthy of the men of 1774, 1776, 1787 & 1791? (Brad says some really nice things about yours truly as well)

There are examples of incredible work being done all around us. In his integrity, purpose, and intelligence, Mike Church puts every other conservative talk show host to shame.

Andy McCarthy wonders if ANYONE other than himself and the Mike Church Show is keeping track of Obama’s Constitution Shredding?

John O’Sullivan agrees with Obama’s shredding of the Constitution

Congress foiled again as it tries to make a federal case out of “doping” this time Roger Clemons [deservedly] goes free

Romney to Obama “Your policies toward Russia have been abject failures” (oh wait was it Russia or Yemen, or Israel or Britain or…)

The biggest race this summer will not be from NASCAR it will be to see who gets the Romney Veep nod 

John Rambo Kerry is “tapped” to play himself to help President Obama get ready to debate Mitt Romney (Kerry never tied the dog to the roof)

Larison at TAC: Romney’s double down on Russia is as embarassing today as it was 2 months ago when he said it.

DailyPaul: Not EVERYONE thinks Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement is a bad thing (Mike Church thinks it is a positive)

What “Conservative” vows to subsidize a millionaire’s pro sports franchises? Answer VA’s Bob McDonnell

SCOTUS rules on overtime pay case where there is no jurisdiction to start with… but I digress

WaTimes Editorial suggest that we begin “rattling sabers” against the Iranians, Syrians, Russians…

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