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What do PBS Supporters Think We Are? Unified Thinking, Chinese Communists!?

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What do PBS supporters think we are, unified thinking, Chinese communists!?
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Who ever could have imagined that Big Bird would have to don a flak jacket and learn to fire an M-16 or operate an Abrams tank in order to survive?

In last week’s presidential Debate, Mitt Romney famously promised to “eliminate any agency or program we have to fund by borrowing money from China”. This include PBS and Big Bird. Romney’s test for Federal survival is much ballyhooed by “conservatives” who aren’t very “conservative” these days. If you need a test for whether or not to fund something Governor, try looking it up in here. If it doesn’t appear in an enumerated power than regardless of what Jackie Chan thinks of the Cookie Monster, the Feds will not be subsidizing it.

As local PBS Chair Jonathan C. McCall points out on the pages on the Picayune PBS accounts for but 2/10,000ths of the federal “budget” which hasn’t been an actual budget since 2008. McCall then proceeds to boast that Big Bird has an influence on 79% of American children “who watch public television and learn from it.” I would wager that the 21% who remain unexposed to Federal pronunciations on matters of conscience and emotions are some of our best citizens.

That Mr McCall believes Louisiana’s children benefit from “learn[ing]” how to vilify a neighbor who doesn’t accept the groupthink that using disposable plastic grocery bags from Rouses ( a local grocery store chain in SE Louisiana) is universally good is indeed a fitting exclamation point on the whole subject. Imagine children learning their parents preferences on religion, race and sexuality outside the confines of what passes the PC censors at PBS! Why we may actually suffer the horrors of a merit based society which is precisely what the entire PBS vs Romney feud boils down to.

Sadly, Romney’s Big Bird problem is that profits from Chinese iPhone assembly subsidize it, rather than Big Bird, overbearing, TV parenting isn’t something the Federal government is not and should not be empowered to do. What do PBS supporters think we are after all, monolithic thinking, Chinese communists!?

Johnathan McCAll’s Letter to Editor of TP, 04 October, 20121
In the presidential debate on Oct. 3, Gov. Mitt Romney said that he would deal with the budget deficit by ending the subsidy to PBS, specifically noting children’s programming. The funding for public television is less than 2/10,000ths of the federal budget, however. To eliminate it would have no measurable effect on the deficit, but it would have a very serious effect on the 79 percent of American children aged 2 to 11 who watch public television and learn from it.

Jonathan C. McCall

Chair, Board of Trustees

Greater New Orleans Educational Television Foundation (WYES)

New Orleans

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To complete my thought, why does a Goverment subsidize a corporation that makes the majority of its money from merchandise made in China.

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