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The Mike Church Show World HQ

What Federal Courts Are Supposed To Do: Strike Down UnConstitutional Acts Of Congress (NDAA)

Today’s Guest Rand Paul turns in “quite a nasty piece of work” according to WaPo columnist, more….”the very fact that such a proposal would be seriously debated on the chamber floor shows that a troubling number of lawmakers have gone off the deep end”

NY Court gets one right, delays enforcement of the tyrannical NDAA in suit brought by Libtard writers against Obama & Panetta

Sanders: So what do we REALLY know about our Franco-Meditteranean Economy (other than it stinks marginally less than the real thing?)

Five budget “deals” went up The Hill to carry BernYankMes Water (except for Rand Paul’s quixotic yet sane alternative which moved up with 16 votes!!) 5 came down all voted down and taxpayers were stuck with beans

Ann Coulter is only half right in DeceptiCON induced, Neo-misanthropian stupor; it IS tax producers vs gubbmint employees but we ARE taxed to pay ARod and Jamie DiMon’s salaries because we are compeled to buy (bonds) or fork over restaurant, hotel, taxi or John Travolta “leisure taxes” for their stadiums

I have found a new [r]epublican to admire & follow, David Schweikert in AZ-9, is facing off against a DeceptiCON of DeceptiCON Prime status, Dan Quayles Son BIG BUDGET voter, CISPA, NDAA

It is not often I find myself in disagreement with Andy McCarthy and in agreement with Charles Krauthammer-well lightning has struck twice on the same day

DeceptiCON proclaims that Righties are “clobberin’ Lefties” on the Twitter feed but a close look at the top ten shows the bankrupt, immoral, hedonistic usual suspects that dominate other media (maybe our culture just doesn’t LIKE un-hip-Lefties!)

DeceptiCONS invoke the Founders too while smacking “liberals” down for doing the same, Jefferson had it right when he said we would eventually split up but ALL be related as “elder sons who disagree” but go separate ways

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Anthony B. Sanders

And to add to our discussion today, look at what is happening in Spain.

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