What If Steyn, Schiff & Co. Are Correct About Our Doom?

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: If

If the federal government, if the federagovmint, as Romney calls it, begins to implode under a massive burden of interest debt and cannot pay it and cannot meet its obligations, short of What?, what do you believe will be the reaction to this? Will the government say, Hey, any of you people have any gold and silver? Turn it in. We need it now. If you dont turn it in, were going to send thugs to your house with weapons, and were going to take it from you. What if they say, Any of you that own property, any of you that own machines, anything that can be melted that we can sell to the Chinese, turn it in or were going to come and take it from you? This is what Joseph Stalin did.

Mike, that cant happen here. We have a Mr. Church, we have a Constitution. The Constitution has not stopped us from getting to this point. The Constitution has not prevented this country from driving to the cliff, from putting two tires over the cliff. The only thing holding us on now is a tenuous connection to the past, a tenuous connection to the Founding Fathers, a tenuous connection to republicanism, to local home rule. What if that connection is severed? You know, you cant really say that, Well, Mike, were going to deal with this when it happens. And I dont believe you and your buddies. Romney and Gingrich are correct. Yeah, were going to have some problems, but its not going to be all that.

What have Romney and Gingrich been correct about? What have they predicted? What have they economically predicted? Nothing. They have predicted in an inaccurate manner what is going on today. They have helped precipitate what is going on today. They have participated in it materially. There is no reason to believe any person that works inside the Leviathan, that they have a clue as to what the future holds other than someone is going to have their wages stolen from them at the point of the IRSs gun. Its going to be laundered through the federal treasury, and a check is going to be issued in their name. Thats the only thing that they know for sure unless they have strangleholded some industry or some businessman, and they are regulating him or her, and they can rest assured that that tyranny and that regulation will continue. What do they know? Do they know how to deal with the crisis that Mr. Schiff just described? With the crisis that others have described?

Here, let me ask an even more biting question. Does your governor of your state know how to deal with it? Mine doesnt. Does Mayor Mitch Landrieu here in New Orleans know how to deal with it? Does the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland know how to deal with it? Do the parish councils or county councils out there know how to deal with it? Does anyone know how to deal with it? Has anyone educated themselves on how our founders and the generation after them and the generation after them and the generation after them and the generation after them and the generation after them five generations how did they deal with it? What did they do? Did they turn to government? Did they print paper money? Did they over-regulate? Did they become tyrants? Did they send armies out to keep order in the street? What did they do?

Well, if they acted correctly, ultimately they either did nothing or they acted with a firm eye on liberty. And they decided that having less government, having less control over the situation was the proper course of action. Do you believe that our tyrannical federal government today, that our tyrannical state governments today, that theyre going to react? Do you believe that here, heres the even scarier question. What are your nitwit, un-Austrian-educated neighbors going to demand? Are they going to demand that the government do nothing? Are they going to demand that the government print money? Are they going to demand that the government provide for the people? They probably are. Where is the government going to get the money? Yeah, Mike, where are they going to get it? Well, I dont know. They dont have it. Theyd have to take it from you.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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