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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Today’s mainstream is what you know as the lib media.  It is there.  It is a real thing.  It does exercise an extraordinary amount of control over the affairs of men.  Why?  Because they have the power to broadcast.  They have the power to drive and direct news cycles.  They have the power to pick and choose what it is that is actually going to make the “news.”  I believe that the rise of social media has been to the great detriment.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  What is the mainstream?  Here’s Sheffield.  Let me just establish.  Today’s mainstream is what you know as the lib media.  It is there.  It is a real thing.  It does exercise an extraordinary amount of control over the affairs of men.  Why?  Because they have the power to broadcast.  They have the power to drive and direct news cycles.  They have the power to pick and choose what it is that is actually going to make the “news.”  I believe that the rise of social media has been to the great detriment.  It doesn’t mean that we can’t use it as a tool, but it has been to the great detriment of those that wish to live in a mainstream that resembles the ages of faith, that resembles the time of St. Dominic, maybe not in the technology aspect or in the hygiene aspect of it, but certainly in the manner in which they treated eternity, and the reverence with which they treated God and his Son and his Son’s church.

There is a vast difference between then and now.  There was no culture of death at the time of St. Dominic.  As a matter of fact, if you go look up the Albigensian heresy, you’ll see that it was a disagreement on a matter of dogma.  Again, I’m not going to get into it.  Maybe Brother Andre Marie can do a show on it; I think he has, actually, during the ReConquest show.  Let’s just say that you can’t replace something with nothing.  What mainstream is it that you wish to replace?  For my money and for my soul and for its eternal existence, I say replace it with the ages of faith, with Christendom restored, with the political order gotten correct, which means the politicians don’t get to tell us what moral theology is; the Church does.  It’s not the politicians’ job to determine how it is to be meted out and for judgment to come your way.  That’s the job of the Church.  That’s the job of Christ.  The ultimate judgment, and we all know there is going to be one, that is acknowledged.  That’s part of the correct order.  We don’t have the order today.  The order is exactly in the inverse.  The politicians, the judges, the elected bodies, the unelected bodies, the culture of death, it tells us what the order is.  It tells us what is moral and what is not.

You can go to my website today and you can look at the lead story in today’s Pile of Prep.  It’s about this ridiculous thing called the gender unicorn.  For heaven’s sake, what is a gender unicorn?

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Just like a unicorn, it doesn’t exist.  We have fabricated a new natural law that says there is no such thing as sex.  Male and female don’t exist.  I’m sorry, I deal with reality.  What is truth?  Conformity of the mind to reality.  Reality says that there are men and there are women.  Not in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public School.  No, no, the gender unicorn.  Go look at the illustration.  Folks, I took that illustration form the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County school system’s PDF file on transgender student relations.  That’s what it’s called.  It’s almost 100 pages long of policy and curriculum, including the gender unicorn.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, you’re just making that up.”  I’m not making it up.  Back to this mainstream thing.


Besides the fact that left-leaning mainstream news outlets help Democrats get their message out, they have the additional benefit of helping Democrats refine their own policies and messages. Smart Democratic strategists know that if a scandal is a problem to their unaffiliated sympathizers in the press, it is something worth taking seriously.

By and large, conservatives have no such positive feedback loops. Instead, the Right’s media monoculture has created negative feedback loops whereby people with little political acumen like Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck are able to fill Republican voters’ heads with nonsensical ideas like planning to shut down the government with no backup plan or electing fewer GOP officeholders in pursuit of more “pure” ones, primarily because they grossly overestimate the number of conservatives in America.

[end reading]

Mike:  I would even disagree with that.  I think they grossly underestimate what it is that a “conservative” is.  Do you know how many conservatives are meandering about the countryside today claiming that they’re pro-life and at the same time saying they’re going to vote for Mrs. Clinton?  And you call yourself a “conservative”?  What are you conserving, the culture of death?  What are you conserving, biomedical waste called aborted babies, little body parts that can be sold to sick, twisted scientific concerns that will use the – [mocking] “We’re going to create a better life for you.”  At the expense of a child?  How about we take your child?  Why don’t we use – hey, I got an idea.  Let’s use 42nd trimester aborted baby parts.  How about that?  Think, people, think.  Back to Sheffield:


It is poetic justice that many of the same people who pushed these naive positions and strategies saw their own imbecilic noise machine turned against their preferred presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, in this year’s Republican primaries.
[end reading]

Mainstream MediaMike:  By the way, I’ve noticed a trend.  Some of you have friends that call themselves “Catholic.”  They’re out there leading these Facebook groups, these Twitter groups.  They’re out there leading these blog groups and these noise machines that say they’re Catholics for Hillary and that they’re pro-life.  No, you’re not.  You’re a heretic.  You’re denying an article of the faith, and I can prove it to you.  I have Cecile Richards on record as saying the candidacy of Mrs. Clinton puts everything – I’ll read you the quote.  I hadn’t even seen this until I started browsing around and searching for this today.  I’ll have to get it from the post.  It’s part of the post that I wrote about: No, you cannot be Christian and pro-life and a Hillary supporter.  Sorry, that’s not how it works, but thanks for playing our game.  Here’s the quote, Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, from January 16 New York Times interview.  “Everything Planned Parenthood has believed in and fought for over the past 100 years is on the ballot.”  What does she mean by that?  Hillary is what she means by that.

You cannot call yourself Christian, you certainly cannot call yourself “Catholic” and then boast with bombast and brag that you’re a Hillary supporter.  Hillary represents Planned Parenthood.  She represents the maniacal, sociopathic extermination of the soon-to-be-born.  If you hold this position, pray God.  Keep yourself right.  Stop promoting heresy.  Stop leading other people into concert, into league with these merchants of death.  I’m not telling you that you’ve got to go for Donald Trump; I would never say that.   You can’t be a Hillary supporter.  You are, by definition, promoting Planned Parenthood.  Stop it.  Put your big boy undies on and your big girl panties.  Go to church.  Get on your knees.  Read the magisterium if you must.  Get out of this sinful funk.

We can’t win this without everyone being on board and knowing what it is that we’re defending.  If you’re pro-life, then you defend life, end of story.  You don’t get any exclusions.  You don’t get any exception.  You either defend life or you don’t.  It’s your job to not be invincibly ignorant about it.  It’s your job not to be partially ignorant about it.  It’s your job to know what that means.  It’s not hard to find.  If an idiot like me can find it, why can’t you?  They’re not looking for it.  You know why?  Because they’re busy playing judgment pornosphere on Facebook, that’s why.  They’re busy rallying their Ted Cruz buddies to the ramparts to squash the campaign of Trump because Trump beat Ted Cruz.  If you go to any of these “Catholic” people’s websites, on their Facebook feeds, you’ll see all the acrimony they still have, how angry they still are that their “new messiah” – by the way, violation of First Commandment, my friends.  Be very, very careful where you tread with this stuff.  You’ve elevated Ted Cruz in position of or in imposition of your actual God.  You’ve elevated him.  He can save us.  You’re not Glenn Beck.  You’re not a Mormon, for heaven’s sake.  You claim to be a Catholic.  You claim to be a Christian.  Cruz is not a messiah.  Back to Sheffield:


It is poetic justice that many of the same people who pushed these naive positions and strategies saw their own imbecilic noise machine turned against their preferred presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, in this year’s Republican primaries.


More center-right media outlets could also have been able to detect that the GOP’s economically libertarian message has little to no popularity among average Americans. [Mike: In other words, most people don’t care about this. You know why? Because they don’t go to the Drudge Report every day, that’s why. They don’t know what it is that you think you know.] Since these journalistic structures did not exist, however, the popularity of Donald Trump’s abandonment of that orthodoxy took the Republican elite completely by surprise. It shouldn’t have.

[end reading]

Mike:  This is why I continue to say 48 states to 2.  I t is August the 8th.  Voting doesn’t commence for 90 days.  Candidate trump has not gotten into the ring with Mrs. Clinton.  I still believe that she doesn’t show up for all the debates because he’ll clobber her.  The host of The Apprentice television show knows how to work a television audience.  You cannot deny that The Apprentice was a mainstream runaway hit decade-long success story, so much so that they had to keep inventing new iterations of it.  Mrs. Clinton is not mainstream, although she does fake a good mainstream.


News institutions also serve a very valuable role for the Left in providing a place for people who have similar values to remain connected to the larger movement while still maintaining the independence from parties and advocacy groups that they desire. Due to conservatives’ current willingness to spend only on elections and think tanks, people who lean rightward but do not like Founders-Pass-Logo-500partisan politics have nowhere to go.

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Conservatives and America as a whole are poorer intellectually because of this. While center-right individuals might not always fall in line for a policy battle, having large numbers of journalists who are willing to be skeptical of all sides would be a very good thing as both Left and Right need close scrutiny. Republican elites are now paying the price for refusing to subject the consultants who advise them to the skepticism they deserved.

[end reading]

Mike:  This is just a sidebar.  Sheffield actually wades into the, oft-cited on this show, big circle / little circle paradigm.  That’s where I draw this ginormous circle and in the middle of it is this little, tiny circle.  What’s the big circle?  This is the aristocratic, elite class.  These are people that are surrounding that little, tiny circle.  What’s the little, tiny circle?  That’s the elected class.  That’s how small it is.  That little, tiny circle there controls the fortunes of 20 to 30 million people out there.  Those are our ruling elites.  There is no getting the mainstream back to where it ought to be without either converting these elites or seceding from them.  I think at this point in time secession is preferable.  Getting away from them, forming smaller communities, having those communities be sovereign in their own sense.  Then where is the mainstream?  Is it in the fans of Planned Parenthood?  If you live in a pro-life little republic, no, it isn’t; it can’t be.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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