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What is the National Media Doing in Newtown, CT?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – What is the national media even doing in Newtown, CT? Any time there’s a terrible tragedy of this sorts, every major news network has an anchor ready to parachute in and exploit the people that were affected by some crazy lunatic.  Fox, MSNBC, and CNN have also decided that what we should be talking about at Christmas-time, instead of the birth of Jesus Christ, is what guns should or should not be legal… and they’re doing this at a national level, which goes against everything that little r [r]epublicanism stands for.  Check out the rest in today’s Founders TV show, if you need a Founders Pass sign up for one right here…

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Wil Shrader Jr.

The sheople are only mournful, outraged and concerned about which mass media and government tell them to be. Does anyone see an incongruency between Obama crying about Newtown yet maintaining a kill list? Those alligator tears were an unGodly disgusting display of political opportunism. Was he peeling onions? Politicians are actors and one must be aware of their talents to manipulate even the appearance of emotions to maximal effect.

Tom Cherry

Its not just about guns. It is, has been ….and always will be…about evil. A crazy man’s 1927 Michigan school bombing killed more children, so did Timmy McVeigh. Are bombs legal? As Christmas approaches let us not forget that (2000 years ago) Herrod had all the babies slaughtered to prevent the birth of a feared messiah. Our country’s president authorizes (on a weekly basis) drone bombing of villiages in Pakistan. Few are crying for the Pakistani babies (they are brown) or that this country’s illegal and immoral killing of (brown) people be stooped.

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