What The Antnee Weiner/Megyn Kelly Debate Was Really About

todayDecember 10, 2010

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Anthony Weiner, we saw the Weiner all up in Megyn Kellys grill, spouting on and babbling on about fairness and what have you.  You cant win an argument on fairness, folks.  You have to win a debate like this on the merits of your argument.  And there was Megyn Kelly saying, well, I dont know how you say that thats fair and that those people havent earned it.  What do you mean they havent earned it?  Its their money.  And this is the crux of the entire argument here.

But folks, were getting off the we must not be all consumed by this green-eyed monster debate because its been going on since the time of the Hebrews.  I mean, this has been argued for 8,000 years.  No ones going to stop arguing it.  You always have a demagogue on the side of, well, I want the rich mans money.  I guess its human nature to aspire, to steal and be a thief, and to confiscate or have government confiscate on your behalf the fruits of someone elses labor because youre either not skilled enough or too lazy to go out and earn it yourself.  Thats one of two possible answers to that question there.
But here, at the height of our alleged enlightenment, I mean, we are supposed to be so much more involved and evolved over our founding fathers, remember.  Those guys were just a bunch of white slave owners running around in heavy wool coats that must have smelled.  They didnt have debates over the confiscation of estates and what have you, when one founder died, or when one aristocrat died.  As a matter of fact, the laws in the state of Virginia, the laws in the state of Maryland and any farming colony, which was almost all of them, went out of their way to protect, that there was no, I cant think of what the term is.  Theres a legal term for this.  But the state could not come in and confiscate property.  That the property absolutely, unless there was debt owed on it, would transfer from the owner to the next owner.

I mean, folks, can we just speak on English common law for a moment?  AG, did you study any common law when you were in university?  Did you have any courses in common law or civics or anything?  Well, then you probably are a little bit familiar with the right of succession, yet?  And thats s-u-c-c-e-s-s-i-o-n.  Correct?

AG:  A little bit, yeah.

Mike:  Okay.  So in English common law there exists, I mean, think of it.  Once someone has purchased private property, or has earned it, or has bought it, or whatever, English common law, which is where we get our liberty from well, we get our liberty from God, but where our legal precedents on liberty are handed down from has held, ever since the time of the Magna Carta, has held that once a man has earned property, and once that property is in his family, even if he dies it passes on to a next of kin, passes on to the successor.  Right of succession.  Now, you do, in most cases, also inherit the debt.  If theres debt owed on it, you may have to dispose of the land to pay the tax collector.  But the tax collector does not have a right to claim the property for the state here.  This is what this alleged debate is over.  We established and settled this with the signing of the Magna Carta on that hill in Runnymede in 1214, for crying out loud.  And in 2010 in our enlightened status, oh, were so high and mighty and so evolved, were still debating it?  Dont we have bigger things to debate?

Boy, and the other part of the arrogance here is Anthony Weiner and all his crony buddies in the Dumbocrat, the Hostage Caucus thats what Im going to call you Democrats, the Hostage Caucus in the Hostage Caucus, because youve taken the middle class hostage, trying to make people that have not materially participated, they had no vote in the expenditure of funds from the federal treasury.  You had a vote, Mr. Weiner.  They didnt have a vote.  You had a vote.  You had an opportunity to be austere.  You had an opportunity to be frugal, sir.  You had an opportunity to actually do something about this without raising anyones taxes.  But in your lofty position as being the sovereign kings that you think yourselves to be, you believe you have some God-given right to the fruits of all of our labors.  In other words, our labors all belong to Congress.

This is the mentality.  This is the mentality of the national government.  They believe and they operate from the principle that all the wealth that is generated in this country is theirs.  Theyre Donald Duck in that cartoon where he tries to stuff the genie back into the bottle.  Its mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.  And so this is what engenders and makes the sick Dumbocrat and the feckless DeceptiCon Republican think that they can just spend to the end of the earth.  Well, theres a never-ending supply of money.  Its called the taxpayer.  If I make a mistake, or if I project wrong, or, yeah, I really need to do something about that poor persons condition over there.  Oh, dont worry about it, poor person, Ive got your back.  I got these rich guys in Long Island [chortling], dummies.  Ill just take it from them.

This is no way to run a government, my friends.  This is no way to operate a civilized society that cherishes freedom and liberty and the rights of private property and the right of enforceable contract.  I mean, my God, do you realize what were talking about here?  Again.  But folks, let me temper this.  Even though Ive just given you some good intellectual ammo on this.  This is what the citizen of Libtardia wants us to talk about.  They are reveling in this.  This is the greatest day of their lives.  Why, they have the whole country out there considering whether or not rich people ought to be taken out and shot at dawn.  Its what Stalin did.  Why dont you grow a set, Mr. Weiner?  Why dont you grow a set, Paul Begala?  Why dont you call for what your Stalinist communist buddies in Russia did?

hen Stalin wanted money from the few wealthy people that were left in the Soviet Union, he didnt go on CNN and debate an attractive, intelligent young woman, mock her and make fun of her and hang out with DC 180 and the rest of his Stalinist communist buddies.  No, no.  He did it the mans way.  He called that man to the royal palace, to Stalins palace, told him, hey, you get a Christmas bonus.  What is Christmas bonus Stalin speak of?  Well, if you just get on your knees and turn around, well show you.  Put your hands behind your head, too.  Thats it.  [Mock gunshot]  Go get family.  We must have family.  Then they bring the family in there, and they would say, Look, if you dont give me everything thats on that farm and sign the deed over to me, I have your husband, and I will do something terrible like make him get on his knees and put his hands behind his head and shoot him.  And of course the wife and the children [sobbing]

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(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – There are only a fewtell-tale giveaways to the untrained eye that can predict whether astory will blossom into something that could launch a career intoouter-orbit filled with book deals, a clothesline, a record label,private-chauffeurs, champagne for breakfast, pasta imported directlyfrom Italy and a live-in barista. As you contemplate opening a new tabto google political pundit salaries, keep in mind that the outcome ofthe pasta has a lot to do with the way it’s cooked not where it’s from,olive oil folks.

Now, back to the glories of news broadcasting. This here is a treat,if you didn’t get to see or hear Megyn Kelly interview Antnee Weiner onFOX News on Wednesday then click the link below to give that a must seegander. After you’ve finished reacting to the childish ignorancedisplayed so disrespectfully by the Weenie Weiner towards the beautifuland intelligent Megyn Kelly please make your way to the purple boxlocated beneath to hear what the KingDude has to say about Antnee allup in Megyn’s grill and the debate that followed regarding the tax cutdeal and what will ultimately happen to the wealthy tax cut.

, No, dont shoot Dmitri.  Please dont shoot Dmitri.  Oh, God, Mr. Stalin, please, please do not shoot Dmitri.  We give you farm.  We give you tractor.  We give you everything.  Do not shoot Dmitri.  Dmitris already dead.  This is what the Communists did.
Well, let me tell you Dumbocrat libtards out there something.  Why dont you grow a set?  Why dont you try that?  You want the rich peoples money so bad, why dont you come and take it?  And Im not even wealthy, but I have a little bit.  Come get it.  Why dont you just tell my family that, oh, I had an appointment at the White House.  Mr. Weiner, how come my daddys not here?  Oh, he had an appointment at the White House, something about being on his knees with his hands behind his head.  I dont know.  Hell be back later.  But youd better give me all the money that guys got hiding around here.  And we want that motorcycle, too.  And your little dog, too.  These people are despicable.  Again, Im going to say this.  No one else in the conservative ranks, in the right-thinking, liberty-cherishing, founding father-adulating ranks will say it.  I dont care.

I do not want, nor do I desire, to make a common cause with people like Anthony Weiner or Paul Begala.  I cannot coexist with someone that thinks that, at the right opportunity, they can seize the power of government and can use the power of government, which is brute force, as Washington called it, and seize what is rightfully mine.  This is why we had a Constitution.  This is why we had a revolution.  And this is why we have always held private property sacred, and contract law sacred, to prevent what these people are trying to do.  You cannot make common cause with these people, ladies and gentlemen, because if you turn your back for a moment, the Weiner, the Begala, the Pelosi, the Obama, and all the rest of them will be right there, only too happy to step in, pass laws, get the state on their side, use the states hardware and the threat of imprisonment, and then take from you that which is yours.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


2010 Mike Church Show

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