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What The Barbenheimer Box Office Success Says About Muricans

todayJuly 24, 2023 5

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HEADLINE: ‘Barbie’ Largely Praised For Feminist Themes—But Draws Anger From The Anti-Woke by Conor Murray 

  • So our daughter #2 went on opening weekend to see the Barbie movie.
  • She came back w/ rave reviews about it.
  • I raised her to be quite conservative so what went wrong?
  • Why are all these seemingly smart young women falling all over this movie?

Oppenheimer Movie

  • Let’s take a look at this movie that just hit the box office too.
  • Why would this movie come in 2nd to the Barbie movie?
  • This movie stars Cillian Murphy.
  • Does your average American have an understanding of the A-Bomb?

HEADLINE: Is ‘Oppenheimer’ Christopher Nolan’s Best Movie? Here’s How It Ranks by Paul Tassi

  • The main one is that Chris Nolan has never made a truly bad move. Every single one on both lists is about the 60 “positive” threshold. Generally speaking, audiences like Nolan movies just a little more than critics. Every Metacritic score is higher except Dunkirk. 10 out of 12 movies on Rotten Tomatoes are either higher with audiences or tied. But often they’re very close.
  • So, you can make the argument that Oppenheimer might be Nolan’s best movie based on the “objective” charts here. But again, it’s really up to you. I’m still going with Memento, personally, but it was definitely great, and one of his best.
  • Is Tom Cruise the last American Alpha Male outside of Donald Trump left standing?

HEADLINE: ‘Barbenheimer’ Delivers Blowout Weekend at the Box Office by Robbie Whelan and Erich Schwartzel



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