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Muhammad Pursued Power, Money and Sex

Antichrist-De-ControversiisMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Andrew Bieszad is our resident Islamic scholar, on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Get his book at Amazon, Lions of the Faith.  There are so many points which we could go down as we talk about this, and about the tragedy, the horrors visited upon people in Brussels.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Andrew Bieszad is our resident Islamic scholar and the author of Lions of the Faith.  By the way, where’s my books?

Andrew Bieszad:  They’ll be coming.  I’ve had some things I’ve had to take care of over here.  Believe me, it’s in the queue.

Mike:  You can get the books via Amazon Kindle.  The non-paper edition of the books are available.  To the question of the day that many people are asking, the attacks in Brussels, you were telling us last segment you’re not surprised by this at all.  If this were in the 7th century and Muhammad was around and he had weapons like this at his disposal he would have used them.  What did Muhammad do instead?

Bieszad:  You just asked the fundamental question, WWMD, what would Muhammad do?  Forget about WWJD, what would Jesus do?  Islam is WWMD because Muhammad was [speaking Arabic], the perfect man.  What did Muhammad do?  He committed heinous acts of violence.  He beheaded people, chopped them up basically into fish bait.  He had people tortured to death, sometime slowly to prove a point.  He had them murdered other ways, disemboweling, pulling out organs, and he left people to die of thirst in the sun.  This was all for the pursuit of PMS, power, money, and sex.  This is very clear from the Islamic sacred scripture and tradition, the Quran and the Hadith.  The Hadith is the Islamic sacred tradition.  The Quran is the Islamic sacred scripture.  The Quran is explained by the Hadith in the same way that the words of Jesus are explained by the context in which he speaks them in the Bible.

When you’re dealing with Muhammad, like you said, Islam – this is what people fail to grasp.  We have this idea in modern Western history that we’re “progressing,” moving toward some kind of great enlightenment, some kind of greater revelation.  In fact, the Catholic faith makes very clear, we have revelation.  We know what truth is.  Every generation has to learn it again because all men are fallen and we have to continually teach the next generation.  Sometimes they do it better than others, and sometimes we emphasize some things and don’t emphasize others.  That’s just the way life is.  The nature of the faith remains consistent.  The same is with Islam.

There is no new revelation of Islam.  Muhammad was Muhammad.  His theology was very clear.  His teachings were very clear.  The Catholic faith teaches what it teaches; Islam teaches what it teaches.  It’s not for us to negotiate.  You cannot change the Islam.  You can’t separate their violence, because if you separate their violence, you have to change the theology.  If you change the theology you change their religion and then it’s not Islam anymore.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Mike:  Hilaire Belloc, who I was reading from earlier, was saying in 1933 that those that think that Islam is not going to arise again in the modern world are just sadly, sorely mistaken:


The last subject of all in this connection, the one which I will treat next, is the very important and almost neglected question of whether Mohammedan power may not re-arise in the modern world.

[end reading]

Mike:  To deny that they have power because now there’s going to be all sorts of travel bans – I just saw that Ted Cruz, who was blaming Donald Trump for this earlier, is now becoming very Donald Trump by saying: We need an immediate cessation of importation of these refugees into America.  The power is already being exerted.  That’s not how they’re going to exert the power.  That’s kind of coercive.  They want direct power, right?

Bieszad:  Mao Zedong put it real, real well: Power comes from the barrel of a gun.  When you’re dealing with Islam, you have to deal with it – there was – recently, one of the representatives from the Greek party Golden Dawn made a statement talking about Turkey, saying Turkey is like a mad dog and you have to deal with it with an iron fist.  That is what Islam is.  Remember, Islam does not value life.  There is no concept of human dignity.  There is no love in Islam.  There is only force and obedience.  If one cannot accept love or mercy, once must accept justice.  Now, obviously people are different.  You don’t just go on to attack people and mistreat people.  I’m not saying that at all.  The fact, though, is if you say you are Muslim, you are accepting these certain tenets, such as Muhammad is the perfect man, such as his actions are the perfect guidance for human behavior.  Who was Muhammad?  A robber, a mass murderer, a pedophile, a necrophile, a sadist of the worst order.  He made Marquis de Sade look friendly with some of the things he did.  The fact is, Muhammad was more beastial than man in his actions and the life he lived.  This is the person they aspire to be like.

Not all Muslims are going to do that, just like not all Catholics are going to follow after the model of the saints.  The fact is, our models of the saints.  The Muslim’s model is Muhammad.  I’ve used this example before.  Two great persons who lived almost at the same time, two different cultures, two different religions, two different ends.  Both of them were party boys.  Both of them were rich.  Both of them messed around with girls.  Both of them didn’t care about religion.  One of them was from Italy.  The one from Italy turned to his Catholic faith.  He became a monk who renounced everything and lived a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience.  That was St. Francis.  The Muslim who was from northern Iraq went to Egypt, had a conversion, and instead decided to embrace Islam.  He became a very violent warrior, feared and fearing.  He was the bane of the Crusader’s fates.  That was Saladin.

Mike:  Where did Saladin do his marauding at?

Bieszad:  The Crusader states.  He wanted to see them ended for the sake of Allah and jihad.  That is why he did it.  His attack on the Crusaders was purely theologically based.  The only reason he was not successful was because of Richard the Lionheart of England.

Mike:  What did Richard the Lionheart of England have that Charles the Prince of England does not have?

Bieszad:  A heart and a faith.

Lions_of_Faith_andrew_bieszadMike:  Andrew Bieszad is our resident Islamic scholar, on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Get his book at Amazon, Lions of the Faith.  There are so many points which we could go down as we talk about this, and about the tragedy, the horrors visited upon people in Brussels.  There are eyewitness accounts, and I was reading one earlier from the London Daily Mail, eyewitness accounts of, for example, the carnage seen up close and personal.  This one guy who was nearby the scene was asked: What was it like?  What did you see?  He said there were bodies but there were no legs.  There were body parts that were blown all over the place.


I saw a guy, blood over his face, dragged by another person and police started blocking the street and I could only see the ambulances come and go . . .

Shocking images from the Maelbeek station show smoke pouring out of the building . . .

Brussels resident Shigeo Sugimoto said he was one stop away from where the metro was hit and heard people shouting.

He wrote on Facebook that he was fine . . . there were other people that reported seeing nothing but body parts strewn all over the ground.

[end reading]

Mike:  There’s television footage now of these girls.  One of them was nearby when somebody’s leg got exploded right next to her and she’s showered with blood.  People cannot conceive of – there’s another one, a guy laying on the ground who survived.  His leg is blown open and he’s being attended to by, not by someone in the medical community, but by someone who is another passerby.  They got in in Paris.  They’re now seeing it in Brussels.  They’d already seen it in the London tube.  There weren’t that many survivors of 9/11, or from the Pentagon attack and World Trade Center attacks, so you didn’t get to see that up close and personal.  Certainly between Paris now and Brussels, you now see the brutality that you’re dealing with.  I want you to repeat, because we have a new audience tuning in every 15 minutes or so, when you first came on you said that for the Mohammedan that perpetrated this and is looking on, this is nothing.

Bieszad:  Yeah, this is nothing.  People think this is so horrible – it is horrible.  Don’t get me wrong when I say that.  The fact is, this is normal for Islam.  This is WWMD.  This is what Muhammad would do.  You hear these fools – this annoys me – these fools for years who have told us, if you criticize Islam, you’re a racist.  You hate Muslims.  You’re a white male Christian zealot extremist, blah, blah.  The fact is this is the face of Islam.  It’s like living in the house with a rabid dog and being in denial about it for years just because the dog has never bitten you.  One day the dog turns on you and bites you and you say: I didn’t see that coming.  Duh!  Excuse me, but you were living with a rabid dog for all these years.  Just the fact that it decides to bite you now, this shouldn’t surprise you.

The Europeans, I feel sorry for them, but in many respects this was brought on themselves by a series of events both the people and the government did.  They have a choice at this point.  They’ve either got to return to the faith and fight for their lives and embrace an open war this way, or they’re going to have an open war on their soil anyway, which many people are going to die, and they’ll end up converting to Islam to save themselves.  Either way, there’s going to be a massacre.

Mike:  This is a principal point.  I want you people to understand this and to hear this again.  Andrew, give the new listeners a little bit of background.  Somebody may be going: Who is this rabid anti-Muslim whacko that Mike has on his channel?  You do have a degree in Islamic studies, correct?

Bieszad:  Master’s degree in Islamic studies, bachelor’s degree with honors in religious studies, specialization in early Islam.  I’ve written a published master’s thesis, currently translated.  Wrote one book Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with IslamI wrote the book Islam: 20 Questions.  I’m currently coming out with a third book on Islam in the next few months.  Translation of the Moorish Catechism from 1599, the only book in the Catholic Church, written by a Canaanite saint solely dedicated to the question of converting Muslims from the evil Spanish.  I’ve been doing this for about 17 years.  I write for OnePeterFive on Islam.  I’ve also started writing for the blog with Walid Shoebat.  I’ve been doing this for a very long time.


Mike:  Folks, you have just a little bit of an idea the qualifications here.  We’re not talking to someone who doesn’t know a little bit about Islam.  What do the Islamics do next?

Bieszad:  I’ve been watching this attack.  They’re going to do more of them.  The fact is, what have the Dutch been doing?  They’ve cowered.  I’m going to tell you something.  If this was in Eastern Europe, if this was in Russia, there’d be mosques burning.  Am I encouraging that?  No.  What I’m saying is, when Muslims do this, they attack, it’s as much an act of theology as it is an assertion of their religion.  It’s like when a child pushes the boundary.  You have to set the child into place so he doesn’t go on to worse or more dangerous or other bad behaviors.  It’s the same with Islam.  It is testing limits so see how much the Europeans can take.  There will be more terrorist attacks.  [unintelligible] wouldn’t surprise me either because there’s a ton of Muslims in that area.  That’s a very heavily Muslim area of Veritas_earbuds_listenBelgium anyway.  This is just the beginning.  You’re seeing the tip of the iceberg with this.  Forget about UK and Paris and even 9/11.  That wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.  That was just snowflakes.

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Remember, Islam is a religion.  As the great theologian Ibn Taymiyyah from the 14th century, there are two worlds in Islam, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-Harb.  By the way, for people that don’t know, I also speak Arabic and translate classical Arabic.  The Dar al-Islam is the domain of Islam, and that includes all persons and properties that are in the Muslim world.  This is very important because in Islam property is considered sacred unto itself.  When a Muslim plants a piece of land or any kind of object, it’s not just in his possession, he’s claiming it for the religion, for Allah himself.  Then there’s the Dar al-Harb, which is the house of war.  That is all non-Muslim persons and all properties in non-Muslim hands.  The understanding is that Allah, by divine providence, will assimilate the Dar al-Harb into the Dar al-Islam.  It’s not a question of if this happens; it’s a question of when and by what means this takes place.  What has emboldened Muslims right now is they believe Allah has redeemed this time in history to be a time of expansion for them into these areas.

You mentioned taking over Europe and these different countries.  It is bad like it was in the past years.  I will contend it’s even worse.  In ancient times, Muslims only took over the lands that were really along the Mediterranean coast, parts of Italy, Spain, southern France, Portugal, Greece, even the Balkan Peninsula up to southern Poland.  That was the furthest they ever got.  The Muslims never were able to penetrate into northern Italy, Germany, Sweden, Holland like they have now.  Never ever before have they been able to establish an enclave like this.  This is unprecedented in history.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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