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What’s Driving Ron Paul Supporters Away From Romney?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Video – On today’s Founders TV we go over the issues that are driving Ron Paul supporters away from Romney, this is brought about from a letter from one of Mike’s listeners who basically says that Obama is driving us off a cliff, and Romney will too but not as fast, so we should vote for him. So what about the guy that will stop the car and put it in reverse? We should just ignore him, leave him locked up in the trunk? For the full show, where you can see his complete letter, grab a Founders Pass, right here, at


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Mike, I find myself saying this with more frequency, today’s show (Friday, October 5, 2012) was the best you’ve done. Incredible! I’m hoping you’ll decide to come to Texas, instead of Arizona, if you think it’s necessary to leave Acadiana. There are a large number of us who will cast our votes by not voting, and we’ll be chided and chastised, but we will be heard through our silence. Secede is a nice word, but I actually like diverge. Keep it up, my friend. Robbie

Lori Murphy

Great show, Mike. Thanks for channeling me! Every day on the drive home from work I hear the local talking heads lamenting Romney’s poor performance – what does he need to do? I don’t bother calling because I know the reception I’ll receive. I’d like to be able to support Mitt, but I just haven’t seen anything I can hang my hat on yet. Perhaps he’ll give me some hope tomorrow evening. (I’m not holding my breath.)

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