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When Bailout Money Leads To The Biggest Bailout Of All Time

todaySeptember 14, 2012 1

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When Bailout Money Leads To The Biggest Bailout Of All Time

©2012, Mike Church

When in Rome do as the Roman’s do or as we might say in 2012 Louisiana do as the Madoffs do. Last week I reported that Governor Bobby Jindal has boasted of conning the all too willing Federal Leviathan into “covering” 85% of the State’s Hurricane Isaac costs. Well not to be outdone in the mad rush for Pyhrric money, now I can wonder how the citizens of dry as a bone Tulsa OK feel about the Federal lottery Mayor Landrieu just hit1 for $27.3 million in “Isaac reimburse[ments]”?

The City that Care forgot continues to choose not to care for its most fragile citizens future: the children. I won’t labor over restating the tragic fact that the Federal Government doesn’t have 1 solitary DIME to “give” or “grant” to New Orleans. Just yesterday the news broke that Mayor Landrieu’s rich Uncle, goes by the name of Sam, has managed to spend $1.2 TRILLION  more than it will take in this year, the year of our Isaac.

To compound this monumental fraud, Mayor Landrieu boasts that the fake money will be used to cleanup mud and sand from the streets. This prompts me to ask of our fearless leaders “where y’gonna dump ‘dat mud at dawlin’?” If there were anyone in City Government or our vaccuous Civic Leadership thinking they may order the sand and mud to be deposited along a street that was 9 feet under water 7 years ago. Not to worry, with land mass the size of Manhattan being lost to the Gulf every 10 months, what’s a Tad Gormley Stdium sized pile going to do to THAT.

In his wonderful- MUST READ book “Bayou Farewell” Travel author Mike Tidwell breaks the news to the world that maybe should be broken to Jindal, Landrieu & the oblivious WhoDat Nation: All the bailout dough on Earth will not save South Louisiana from the ravages of the Corps of Engineers management of the Mississippi River.

If the citizens of South Louisiana don’t reclaim control of their land, destroy the river’s levees and let nature take her course, the task of bailing the Gulf of Mexico out of New Orleans will be all that’s left to our children.

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Written by: ClintStroman

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William Scott (dubyas) Hebrlee

Your sarcasm dealin with the fecal government cracks me up. Give credit where it’s due. We r finally paying a premium price for premium fuel at de pump Mr. Church. Keep up the good work.

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