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When Gal Queda Exploits Little Girls Ask The Question: WHERE Are The Fathers?

Mandeville, LA – Our Lord spoke lovingly of “The little ones” and our responsibility to get them to heaven. Consider then the vile, mortal sin being committed WITH children in this video to “promote feminism” produced by the neo-pagans at a website called Folks, I WARN YOU NOT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO but to take my word for it that you have never witnessed such depravity in your life. It is one thing for adults to perform acts of sodomy, use language in public to describe those acts and then abort the consequences of what results, it is quite another to dress up 6 year old girls and have them do the same things, INCLUDING THE “F-Bomb” LANGUAGE.

And as this duty on the part of the parents continues up to the time when the child is in a position to provide for itself, this same inviolable parental right of education also endures. “Nature intends not merely the generation of the offspring, but also its development and advance to the perfection of man considered as man, that is, to the state of virtue” says (the same) St. Thomas. – Pope Pius XI, 1939, DIVINI ILLIUS MAGISTRI, ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XI ON CHRISTIAN EDUCATION


Think of the people who visit this site, share this video and do business here, sanctioning the event and showing solidarity to what amounts to kiddie porn. The fact that adults appear at the end to cheer on the kids is of ignoble concern. Finally, WHERE ARE THE FATHERS? This is an indictment of this generation of fathers who are either

A. missing in action

B. too meterosexual and thus scared to challenge these mortally sinful or

C. AGREE with the message and the perverse use of their children in it. Pray a rosary for these little girls’ souls folks and for the conversion of their parents.

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Thank you Mike, for warning us of the impending doom in the viewing of this video. I will most certainly take your word for it. Where are the fathers? A lamentable question indeed.

Aaron (Cleveland, OH)

Mr Church,

I listen to your show daily on my commute to work. After hearing this mornings audio clip of the little girls being exploited by their femi-nazi mothers, I wanted to vomit. The real question is where the heck are the fathers of these girls? I doubt they are the strong, devout men that fathers are suppose to be. What type of irreparable damage has been done to these childrens eternal souls? This is what happens when a society turns its back on religion – Rome is burning.

I on the other hand am raising my daughters to be strong, virtuous young women. Who are strong defenders of the faith, soldiers for Christ.

Sal Moscato

I listen as often as I can for the last few years and your last few months bringing more to the table of the spiritual aspect of things has been even more refreshing. I am 53 a veteran, a small buss owner, father of 3 girls and now a grandfather. totally on with your perspective and I truly also enjoyed the letter from the marine I struggle with the same issue all the time! 2 of my girls (twins 27) are little r republicans. My youngest I am working on and she is a young mother of my precious grand daughter. Thank you for all you do and bringing this to light. I hope to shake your hand some day as you helped to turn one of my daughters around in a big way! I met Andrew at emits when he broad cast from there one time and came so close to being in NY York a couple of years ago when you and Andrew where together. Keep it up eternity is for ever and religion has nothing to do with it only striving to know our lord and savior, which will bring morality

Thomas Walker

Listened to your commentary on this issue driving into work. Watched the video with headphones on (only one here at 6:45). Wow, just wow. Some people involved who deserve to go “weighted cliff diving”. The Catechism talks about the future “great unleashing of evil”. It’s unleashed.

Keep it up Mike as a voice crying in the wilderness.

God bless,


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