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When Hollywood Showcases Sodomite Coddlers As Role Models, Turn To Real Men Like Saint Bernard

Mandeville, LA – The 2018 Golden Pyrite Globes are thankfully over and as is usually the case, there was an abundance of metrosexual half-men in skinny jean tutus, swooning in their lactic guilt trips over being born #MeToo maker-capable. I am thus reminded of this story of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in confronting a hostile Duke with an actual army and a #MeToo of his own. Parents can sleep in comfort knowing their son (or son-inlaws) are role-modeling after Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

In the 12th century St. Bernard supported Pope Innocent II. On one of his diplomatic missions to heal the divide Bernard encountered Duke William of Aquitaine, who supported the rival (or anti-) Pope, Anacletus. Excommunicated by Innocent for his support of the anti-Pope, William did not attend the Mass celebrated by St. Bernard, but waited outside to speak to him. After the Consecration, Bernard marched out of the church, holding the consecrated Host on the paten (special dish on which it rests). He went to William and held the Host up to him, saying:

Your judge is present, at whose name every knee in heaven, on earth, and below the earth is bowed… Do you spurn Him? Do you Treat Him with the contempt with which you treat His servants?”  This dramatic action had the desired effect and the Duke abandoned his support of the anti-Pope.

Imagine that! Bernard didn’t go grab P Diddy to construct a tweetstorm threatening Beyonce’s retribution on the Duke by withholding new perfume blends and semi-nudie pics. No, he, imbued with the Grace of the Body of Christ just consecrated, confronted the a fallen Catholic like a man and won his soul back to the Glory of God. That’s what a role-model, leader of men does. Saint Bernard of Clairvuax, oremus!

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux confronts William of Aquitane with the Eucharist
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