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When Principal requires Principle


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When Principal requires Principle

2011 Mike Church

Hey Folks Mike Church here with Todays Church Doctrine.

With all the talk over the debt ceiling swirling around these days one might think all that is needed for conservatives to achieve a victory is to hold the line on an increase. That any compromise which is reached that does not add to the current $14.2 TRILLION worth of charge card government, which is what the debt really is, is ok. But folks, wait just a cotton pickin minute here. Even if a miracle were to occur where official Washington resists the temptation to charge more on the American sheoples credit card that still leaves a staggering amount of principal thats gotta be repaid and just how do you propose to do that? I say the task is impossible especially given the size of the future liabilities the Welfare State has put on the books.

To demonstrate this consider that if the Feds could balance their budgets AND find the Trillions needed for the unfunded liabilities that are coming due soon AND have an extra say $300 billion left over, every year. It would take 46 years, not including interest payments to pay back the debt. Forty-Six-Years. That means that taxes must be collected at LEAST at current levels to achieve this and I would argue that taxes must increase, otherwise the whole scheme will default.

If someone can explain to me why you, in good conscience, would bring new children into this world, born under these circumstances, knowing that THEIR tax rates and overbearing government those taxes pay for, are set in stone, I would like to hear that explanation. I have a far better alternative plan for you to consider, its called Independence, and its something our forefathers taught us how to do, 235 years ago, in this case to make PRINCIPLED decisions over matters of PRINCIPAL.

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