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When Sister Marie Terese Came To Call For Our Lady

Mandeville, LA – You don’t have to practice a devotion to Mother Mary to assist one of those who does because, as Saint Bernard reminds us of the mater consilii.

“Let us honor her for the purity of her body, the holiness of her life. Let us marvel at her fruitful virginity, and venerate her divine Son. Let us extol her freedom from concupiscence in conceiving and from all pain in bearing. Let us proclaim her to be reverenced by the Angels, desired by the nations, foretold by the patriarchs and prophets, chosen out of all and preferred before all. Let us magnify her as the channel of grace, the mediatrix of salvation, the restorer of the ages, and as exalted above the choirs of angels to the very heights of Heaven.”

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

I pondered this as I received the following note from Sister Maria Philomena, MICM of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, NH.

Dear Mike, Happy Feast Day! I am writing on this wonderful feast of Our Lady. I have a favor to ask of you (actually, I’m relaying a request from Sister Marie Therese). Would you be willing to help us find one or more donors to help us get Miraculous Medals for our missionary work (to mention this on your program)? There is a reason they are called “miraculous” . . . we meet an average of 500 people in one day — and we are running low on medals.

While we have used all kinds, our favorite medal (clear words, accurate image, lowest price) is from Italy…we got 10,000 two years ago — and are almost out (and that was with “rationing” — which Sisters says she doesn’t feel right doing —how do you ration grace?). I don’t have the exact figures today, but we’d probably need to raise about $900 to get another 10,000 medals and cover shipping.

– May Our Lady bless you with Her Holy Child! In Her Immaculate Heart, Sister Maria Philomena, MICM

I responded to Sister Philomena by offering to donate the first 1/3 of the medal’s cost and then . I would ask the Mike Church Show audience for 2 matching donors. What happens next can only be described as an act of Providence as the Mother of our Redeemer, sprang into holy action and would not have her beloved sisters of the MICM practicing “rationing” in their Miraculous Medal missionary work.

Dear Mike, Wonderful news on this feast of Our Lady’s Expectation! Three more donors have contributed towards Miraculous Medals — it looks like we’ll be able to double the order. Sister Marie Therese is so happy — no more rationing of medal  [that’s 20,000 medals! – Ed. MC]. . . think of all the graces that means for people, our country, the donors, and ourselves! “He who explains me shall have life and shall find salvation from the Lord.” Thank you! May Our Lady bless you with Her Holy Child! In Her Immaculate Heart,
Sister Maria Philomena, MICM

Let that be a lesson to us all: Sister Marie Terese did not hesitate to ask for help in discharging her and her liege’s mission’s and even expanded the size of the task – a plea to end “rationing” –  and thus the size, and reach, of the mission knowing the Auxillium Christianorum would patiently provide the Grace and resources needed for success.

Like the saints of antiquity who, for the faithful, knew anything was possible through God, the Sisters actually believe. They believe that God is actually with them in all their efforts – I believe he is too! Christmastide is almost upon us, what a wonderful tale to tell while celebrating His nativity. Recall the magnificent conclusion to Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V viz “God was with us”.

God be with you Sisters in the service of Our Lord Our Lady and Holy Church, oremus!

Contact the Slaves To The Immaculate Heart through

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