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Where The Jobs Aren’t Part 153

todayMay 31, 2012 2

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Even the New York Slimes has to wonder whether entrusting and endorsing President Obama’s obsession with authorizing lethal force on  individual targets is such a great long-term idea

Romney puts Olympic Job Creation-suit on, eats a can of spinach and challenges the :Unemployer-in-Chief to put up some real numbers to defend his jobs record (wait, haven’t I heard this one before!?)

Romney to race/gender/rich guy/SUV driver/homophobe-baiters: —k off, we won’t let you control who our friends are (my, how the smallest things seem to animate us these days)

A widely read and accepted textbook on the Constitution, from 1825, clearly stated and explained that the entire Federal Union was COMPLETELY voluntary and to have it NOT be so would be to destroy the purposes it was created for

If the Canucks can get their budget balanced and cut ACTUAL spending, why, Virginia, why can’t we…why..can’t…we!? (hint, what do we have $1 Trillion of that Canada has $1 billion of?)

If the auto industry is as strong as it was back when Henry Ford was knee-high to Warren Buffet then why do 20,000 people apply for 877 auto manufacturing gigs in AL?

Ummm, if people are buying cars with 8 year loans that IS a sign they cannot afford them

Why is Condoleeza “We know there are weapons of mass destruction let’s invade Iraq now” Rice’s endorsement of Romney a big deal for anyone other than Bill Kristol, John Bolton and all of FoxNews

CT may be busted and disgusted but it still has red ink money laying around to shower its RED buddies (the Communist Party Press)

Let’s attack Syria! “Yeah!”, Wait a minute WHY should we attack!?” Well, because… well, “because we can!” Yeah, USA, USA”

What makes a GOP Foreign Policy Establishment type (DeceptiCON) and has Romney won them all over? Read on…

Why study Latin when none of the cool kids with the pumped up kicks are using it to write lyrics anymore? Well, because your kids will be the smartest in the room and then the school

Snake Handling preacher makes his final show of faith and gets bitten on his thigh, dying shortly thereafter as another religious tradition (go ahead and laugh) bites the dust to make way for The Church of US

Here’s a quick refresher course on WHY Spain’s banks will fail, what it will take to get them back up and healthy and why it matters to YOU

Pat Buchanan dishes the truth on Bill Kristol, The all powerful, all seeing pro-Israeli lobby that has kicked non-believers out and cleansed nearly ALL our federal Houses of this not 100% behind Israel

The dangers/risks posed by turning more “defense” over to unaccountable, unidentifiable Special Ops Forces

I wish I could get Fox & Friends to make a 4 minute video about my movie like they make for Obama’s (un)re-election

Greenwald: Extremism from the General Monster is now so commonplace that even those of us who KNOW what the Fifth Amendment is supposed to say, don’t realize the evisceration civil liberties have suffered since 9-11


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