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Who Says There Are Only Two Sides Of The Aisle?

Who Says There Are Only Two Sides Of The Aisle?
2011 Mike Church
Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

These days our general dialogue is filled with cliches but theres one inparticular that really bothers me: both sides of the aisle. This clicheis purportedly used to describe the polar opposite political partiesthat occupy the mythological, left and right sides of the House ofRepresentin. It is also use to describe the allegedly diametricalviewpoints of the two sides, as if there are only 2 opinions allowed onany subject of importance.

Imagine if everything else in your life only came with two choices and you hadto choose between Special K and Fruity Pebbles for breakfast cereals.Between, quarter-pounder with cheese and double quarter pounder withcheese. Between the 2-door Ford Focus and 2-door Honda Civic, I thinkyou get the picture. The very idea that a nation of 310 million citizens could be governed by only 435 men who offer only 2 choices for everyissue makes a mockery of our supposed status as the land of the free,mobile home of the brave.

It is beyond time to expand our political choices and choose to take a wrecking ball to that center aisle.

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