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Who’s Idea Was It To Have The Bill of Rights?

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – These people have been drilling this crap into your head for decadesnow and it has stuck and become commonplace. The Supreme Court hastaken the initiative in this and has allowed Congress to do exactlywhat the Founders and the Founding Generation feared that they woulddo. There’s the history of it in it’s most simplistic form.

Sowho’s idea was it to have a Bill of Rights? Not Congress, that’s forsure. It was George Mason’s idea at the end of the Ratifying Conventionin Virginia -asking for a promise to Amend this document to furtherlimit what the Feds can do. It was at this point that Patrick Henrywent to the Virginia Assembly and forced the Bill of Rights through.

Asa matter of fact, Patrick Henry was so distrustful and disliked ofMadison that he personally had the District boundaries drawn to make itto where Madison couldn’t get elected. Founding Father Virtue – onlywith the KingDude!

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2011 Mike Church Show 

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