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Why Add The 47% Untaxed to "The Base" Instead Of Emancipating All?

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So it would seem to me, its just little old me sitting here, saying that I dont want to increase anyones taxes. I dont want to expand the tax base. I want to shrink the tax base. I dont think people should be paying many federal taxes, if any at all. You want to go back to some kind of excises, duties, and impost and leave it there. Eliminate, get rid of the damn Sixteenth Amendment, eliminate the corporate income taxes, eliminate taxes on capital gains. Its our money that weve risked, after all, shouldnt have to pay a service charge to the government for the privilege of our investment.

I mean, much of this conversation here, it seems to me again, is just on the wrong side of the ledger. And what I just heard you say was, Well, were going to spread the misery to everyone else. Lets make sure everyone is equally miserable and equally infringed upon. Thats not how a free people should approach this problem. We should try to reverse that trend. Lets here, lets look at it from the other side of the coin, John. Lets say to the 47 percent of people that arent paying any taxes, Wed like to join you. Here, let me let me say its a spending problem, not a revenue problem, first of all. But let me say it like Gov. Palin would say it [mimicking Palin]

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Exclusive Audio & Transcript – Mandeville, LA Mike:John: And were trying to get the tax base expanded so that these people that are riding on the coattails of the government can pay something, so they contribute to the tax base. We generate more revenue. And then move on to the other things. And another comment I have is were concentrating solely on…

Mike: Why would you want to do that? Why do you want to expand the tax base? Why do you want to elevate, why do you want to give the monster more fuel?

John: Well, its not that I want to give government more money. Its that I want to take taxpayers like us and give us less burden by asking 47 percent of the country to pay at least something. I mean, the President affects only so much. Hes going to sign those laws. But…

Mike: That is a real John, John, John, John. I have to intervene here because I think youre in need of an intervention. That is a really, really convoluted way of thinking about this. Seriously, sir. Lets go through this as friends here, and maybe I can walk you down off the ledge.

So, if I heard you correctly, what you are desiring is to spread the misery of the confiscation of peoples private property around to all Americans so we can all equally enjoy it or suffer under it, if I understand you correctly. Wouldnt it be more prudent, instead of this obsession that some seem to have with, Well, its got to be revenue neutral; well, we have to keep the revenue….. Why? Why do you have to? Ive proven and demonstrated here on this radio program that for 167 years the federal government discharged its constitutional duties with a meager 3 percent of GDP. 3 percent, John.

: You know, John, what Id like to say there, you know, the American people there, the 47 percent, you know, that arent paying any income taxes, you know, wed like to join you there, you know.

Please tell me that makes sense. That makes ultimate eminent sense, not to spread the tyranny. Why dont we emancipate the other 53 percent? The fact that people want to approach this as, Well, Im suffering, screw you, youve got to suffer, too, thats just freaking ridiculous. Well, weve got to spread the responsibility around. Not when you approach the federal government from the point of view that it can discharge its duties with a mere 3 percent of GDP, you dont. But then again, thats just me.

John, didnt mean to be hard on you, sir. You just happened to make the phone call. And I hope you will consider what I just said and take it, not as an accusation against you personally, sir, but as something that the other 53 percent should be thinking about. I mean, my God. So we have some people locked up in jail, and in order to make it fair, lets lock everybody up in jail. That makes no sense.

We have a spending problem. We do not have a revenue problem. Lets emancipate everyone from the federal Leviathans confiscation of our wages and our incomes and our gains and be done with it. That government needs to learn or needs to be made to live within its means. You people that want to surrender 28 percent of your wages to that federal Leviathan and just want to make sure everyone is surrendering 28 percent, I think youre the problem. Or at least part of it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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