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We say goodbye to former President Bush

  • Older Bush was a life long Mordorian.
  • Bush was responsible for many things that expanded government. We did get Clarence Thomas however.

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HEADLINE: Curtains for the Clintons by Maureen Dowd

  • Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton’s plane rides to an island with a brothel that had children.
  • The Clintons’ tin cup is worthy of the Smithsonian. They hoovered more than $2 billion in contributions to their campaigns, foundation and philanthropies.
  • “Their pathological need to be relevant in America is belied by a Canadian arena, where stretches of empty seats bear witness to the passing of their relevance. It’s a pity.”
  • Who can remember who ran against Bubba Clinton?
  • They called it the Bimbo Eruptions.

AUDIO: Hilary Clinton – her fake Southern twang



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Advent is a miniature version of Lent

St. Andrew’s Novena Day 4


HEADLINE: America Is Addicted to Outrage. Is There a Cure? by Lance Morrow

  • This is a product of what Americans want to see, do and hear.
  • They don’t care about your soul.
  • They care about selling you something.
  • One Example: FOX News anchor women are dressed for the average American 50 year old horn dog. They are all placed in the bimbo uniform.


HEADLINE: What Happens When Trump Falls? by Rod Dreher

“He’s bad but they’re all like that, the whole elite class is rotten, so why not send a grifter to catch a bunch of grifters?”

  • Every public entity is corrupt including the beauracray of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • WHY? Because we fled from our founded upon Christian ideas, not from 1776 but from 33A.D.



HEADLINE: Chill About Your Kid’s Smartphone? Reconsider by Rod Dreher

  • “The SANE program’s data shows perpetrators are likely to be between 11 and 15 years-old.”
  • Where are kids getting the idea to sexually assault other children? PORN
  • This isn’t just hardcore porn, this is softcore stuff that airs on regular TV.
  • “We know that it’s probably multi-factorial. I think there are lots of things that contribute to this, but that is the question; How are we, as a society, failing in such a way that we have 11, 12, and 14-year-old boys, primarily, committing violent sexual assaults?” Hansen said.

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Millennials in the Workplace Training Video

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  • There is no person more referenced than Mary!
  • It is the most popular name on Earth.
  • She has been coming and visiting Saints to warn us about what is happening right now.
  • This isn’t something to run away from. She has told us what to do.
  • In this instance when we are talking about women being objectified, She has the answers for us.
  • Prior ages did NOT have to deal with this.

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HEADLINE: Civilization in Crisis – Christianity and European Culture sections from Christopher Dawson

  • What Dawson is saying here – is that even the Pagan civilization acknowledged a transcendent order. It was crazy and perverted but they did believe in a transcendent order.
  • The actor Chris Pratt – he is a Lion in a valley of sheep.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Chris Pratt Disneyland Candlelight Processional

BACK to Headline: Christopher Dawson

  • The 5 year old is raised in a world that does not elevate the sacred.
  • Those that actually do elevate the sacred are mocked.



HEADLINE: Under Trump, the Swamp Is Draining by Ross Douthat

  • A grifter president has inspired an elite housecleaning.
  • Trump isn’t draining the swamp himself, but the shock of his ascent has created swamp-draining conditions — in which other corruptions have suddenly been exposed, and there have been many deserved falls from grace.
  • Like I said earlier, Bubba Clinton was on that pedophilia plane on several occasions.

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HEADLINE: Millennials Spur Liturgical Restoration in Western Canada by Joseph Woodard

  • Very lengthy piece but a great read.
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HEADLINE: America Is Headed For Military Defeat in Afghanistan by Danny Sjursen




SPECIAL GUEST: Donna Sue Berry author or Veronica’s Veil

The Holy Man of Tours: The Life of Leo Dupont (1797-1876), Apostle of the Holy Face Devotion (soon to be republished by the Founders Tradin’ Post)

  • Fr. Pfeiffer, a professor of Christian Art History at the Pontifical Gregorian University, found the relic in the abbey of Monoppello, Italy, high in the Apennine Mountains.
  • Offer a particular prayer for reparations of blasphemy.
  • He told her it would create conversions. It is a very powerful prayer.
  • It is a devotion that was first heard of through a Carmelite Nun named Sister Mary of St. Peter in France, 1844, who stated Our Lord revealed this devotion to her at Mount Carmel. Sister Mary of St. Peter stated that Our Lord wanted this devotion to be spread throughout the world with the goal of making reparation for the sins which offend God.
  • When a man named Leo Dupont took this devotion and started practicing it privately in his home nearby, repeated first class miracles started occurring, which lasted for a period of over 30 years! This immediately became the talk of France, and attracted the attention of the Catholic Church, who investigated and publicly recognized the miracles as authentic. These miracles attest to the authenticity of the revelations from Our Lord to Sister Mary of St. Peter.
  • In 1885, to bring attention to the importance of this devotion, Pope Leo XIII established this special devotion as an Archconfraternity; and contrary to custom, He immediately established it for the ENTIRE WORLD. Note that numerous indulgences have been granted from several Popes, including Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII, to those devoted to Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. Here are copies of the actual papal briefs by Pope Leo XIII in 1885.
  • Mike Reads the Golden Arrow Prayer May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and unutterable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.
  • How do we know there was a St. Veronica as there is no mention of her in the Gospel?
  • She was around 50 years of age.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Shroud of Turin Used to Create 3D Copy of Jesus


  • Reparations have to be made for the millions of babies we have killed.
  • Looking for an exact image of Holy Face to frame –

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