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Why Be President of A Failed Country When a New Republic Beckons?

Why Be President of A Failed Country When a New Republic Beckons?

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Rocker Ted Nugent has penned an Op-Ed in the Washington Times imploring Texas governor Rick Perry to run for President. I will see Teds advance and raise him a republic: How about Rick Perry running for President of the newly independent Texas Republic!? If youre a Perry promoter think of the advantages President Perry of the TX Republic would have.

To start with TX has balanced books and thered be no need to listen to selfish geezered citizens whine about their MediScare being taken from them, thered BE NO MediScare. Perry and Texans would also be free from the $120 Trillion Federal Debt looming over the rest of us like rapture. Score 1 for Church 0 for Nugent.

Perry wouldnt have to lobby the Congress to send him a repeal ObamaCare bill either. ObamaCare would be as dead as a tumbleweed and if Texans decided they wanted to be good little socialists like their dumbass neighbors stuck in the United States, at least theyd get to design their OWN form of socialized medicine. Score 2 for Church 0 for Nugent.

As 1st President of the TX Republic Perry would also be able to nominate someone famous to adorn the new TX $20 Gold Coin and of course hed choose why, Ted Nugent and Sam Houston would be on the $100 gold piece. Texas would become the Swiss vaults of the Americas and would boast hard money for their free-trade as the worlds 8th largest economy.

Score 3 for Church 0 for Nugent.

As President of TX Perry would negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and TX would become the first Republic of free people in this hemisphere where marijuana and cocaine were legal, taxed and accounted for thus ending the violence on the border and freeing 12,000 people from TX prisons.

Score= game, set, match for Church AND the newly free people of Texas and President Rick Perry.

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