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Why Complain About the FDA? Just End It!

todayApril 27, 2012 2

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    Why Complain About the FDA? Just End It! ClintStroman

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – The FDA is yet another Federal Agency that needs to be eliminated. IF some sort of regulation agency has to exist for food and drugs, wouldn’t you prefer it to be City, County or at most State wide?  Then maybe you could actually CALL them if you had a question about a drug if you worked in a pharmacy instead of just having big brother watching over your shoulder all the time?  Check out today’s audio and transcript for more…

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    Why Complain About the FDA? Just End It! ClintStroman


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Suzanne in Connecticut next on The Mike Church Show.  Hello, Suzanne.  How are you?

Caller Suzanne:
  Good.  How are you, Mike?

Mike:  I am well, thank you.

Caller Suzanne:  I wanted to comment on your statement that people were shocked about the EPA.  I have to tell you, it’s not just the EPA.  I work in the pharmaceutical industry and they actually say the EPA looks like a fun day at an amusement park.  We walk around on eggshells all day trying to be in compliance.  We have a whole compliance department, in which I do not work, and a major portion of my day is spent trying to be in compliance with the FDA.  I cannot tell you the money and time and effort that is spent trying to interpret, understand and then be in compliance with the FDA regulations.

Mike:  No shock there.  I’m not surprised.  Are you?

Caller Suzanne:  No.  That’s why I’m not surprised about the EPA either.

Mike:  In not being surprised, I shouldn’t say that it’s not shocking because it is.  Please don’t misunderstand.  It is shocking.  It is revolting.  It is repulsive.  It is antithetical to a free people, I would think, but that’s just me.  Looking at it from another point of view here, and we have a package piece from Fox News yesterday, from Special Report with Brett Baier.  It is all about this hysterical reaction to the Secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen “I have never met a fetus that I wouldn’t be glad to see aborted” Sebelius, issuing some statement that’s got all these prochoice women and activists all up in arms over this – what do they call this thing, AG, the Plan B pill?

AG:  Correct.

Mike:  Over the Plan B pill.  [mocking] “It ought to be available over the counter.  It ought to be free everywhere.  You want to cut it off for a 17-year-old?  You don’t want 16-year-olds to be able to get this without their parents’ permission?  What kind of a nun in a habit, what kind of a monk walking around a monastery are you?”  The argument between the left, which is the purportedly pro-death people, and the right, which are the prolife people, is confusing to me.  It is entirely superfluous.

The argument, seems to me, is not whether the FDA should be controlled by a citizen of libtardia or a soon-to-be member of the Romney administration, the argument out to be that the FDA ought to exist at all, certainly at the scale it exists at.  Why don’t people make that connection, Suzanne?  You have to deal with this monstrosity on a daily basis.  Wouldn’t you like to see it eliminated?  Wouldn’t you like to see that decision, if it has to be made about what you were just talking about, if it has to be made by a governmental body, being made by one much closer to you?

Caller Suzanne:  I would.  I think the issue is that people are terrified to say anything because there would be such massive retaliation against that particular company from which that sentiment emanated.

Mike:  Maybe there is some fear.  I won’t argue with you there, that there is some fear over retaliation.  I don’t think that’s the real reason.  I think the real reason is that there aren’t a lot of critical thinkers out there that have been taught that their birthright is that they ought to be thinking like Jeffersonians.  Instead, they think like Wilsonians and Rooseveltians and Nixonians and Clintonians and Bushians and now Obamians.  They all think in terms of gigantists.  They think in terms of big, big, big, big.  Everything is big, big, big, big, big.  Therein lies the problem.  No one seems to be able to think in terms of scale.

When I was listening to this news package about the FDA and its stupid decision on this stupid pill, the thought was occurring to me, how in the hell do these people — how does any agency purporting to be from the federal government claim that it has the wisdom even if it wanted to, to micromanage the internal affairs of what?  How many Rite Aids, CVSs and Walgreens do you think are out there?  30,000?  90,000?  Hell, I don’t even know.  I probably have 400 in my town alone.  Do you have a CVS across the street from a Walgreens on every street corner in your town, Suzanne?

Caller Suzanne:  Yes.  We have two CVSs within a quarter mile of each other.

Mike:  We are a medicated people, are we not?  Again, Suzanne, I’m sympathetic with your plight, but I do not believe that most people are asking the proper question.  They ask the question on the playing field that those that want to continue the status quo want them to answer the question on.  Few people are even thinking of the question beyond the utility of an EPA.

This is what troubles me about the crucifixion comment.  Yeah, that’s offensive.  Of course it is.  I wouldn’t say that it’s not.  What is equally offensive is that there are nine separate EPA regions.  We have nine separate crucifying administrators with God knows how many little crucifying junior administrators under him.  How does this happen?  Why is this tolerated?  That’s the question.  Instead of [mocking] “Let’s go on a witch hunt.  We got to get rid of this guy.  He has to go” they thunder from on high.  Why don’t you stop funding them, Steve Scalise, my Congressman?  Why don’t you stop writing the appropriations?

Political surrender seems to be the order of the day, ladies and gentlemen.  There are few people that are even willing to challenge the sanctity of most of your federal agencies. There are a few that get bludgeoned and beaten up every day, maybe Education, maybe Energy every now and then.  Romney slipped the other day and said something bad about HUD.  It was made, [mocking] “Hey, dude, don’t ever say that again.  We like HUD.  We’re going to make a deal with HUD.  You’re going to get in there and run it like you do everything else.”

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Written by: ClintStroman

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