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Why Does Leviathan Fund NPR Again?

todayMarch 10, 2011 1

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    Why Does Leviathan Fund NPR Again? TheKingDude

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    Why Does Leviathan Fund NPR Again? TheKingDude

Related Material: Something about ‘public’ and ‘not for profit’ that really irks these radio waves. Hear more KingDude griping over Leviathan’s over stepping of boundaries with the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel:

Leviathan’s Public Roads: We Don’t Need Them 

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  It is what it is.  It stands as it stands today.  Were eight days way from the next two-week extension here.  But we may cut off the funds for National Public Radio now.  Yes, we may chop 260 billion or million dollars out of this and not fund National Communist Radio any longer [clapping]

(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Well folks we’ve had ourfun recently, granted it’s been a repetitive fun – but a funnonetheless. Let’s see if we can grasp a rough time line real quick.Pretty sure we started off with the Chilean Miners, remember the daywhen it was ‘all miners, all the time’? Once the free-market systemlifted the miners from the depths of Mother Earth we moved on toArizona for a while there, lots of things were going on in Arizona atthe time with the most pressing being the shooting of Gabbie Giffords.

OnceArizona was finished enraging and depressing everyone we turned ourattention to the Middle East in the form of Egypt. There was unrest andan overthrow of a dictator, which is why we then moved our attention toLibya where there was unrest butyet to overthrow. Also folks, lest weforget, while we were in the midst of the Middle East a full outprotest blossomed and then signed a permanent lease out in Wisconsinregarding debt (go figure), Labor Unions and collective bargainingagreements. 

Here we stand folks, Clinton News Network and OMSNBCblaring on and on about what has taken place over at National PublicRadio. We were under the impression that after releasing Juan Williamsfrom NPR and avoiding another avenue of repetitiveness, that we were inthe clear. We could not have been more ion the wrong. Within the pastweek we’ve had step downs, hidden cameras and talks of de-funding. Letthe fun begin. But keep in mind we’re still 14 trill in the hole.

.  Whee.  Yes, Big Bird will have to go to the Cartoon Network and fend for his own forage.  Elmo will have to go and do Sesame Street on Nick@Nite.  Or on Nick Kids or whatever the latest rage is in childrens television.  How about the Disney Channel?  They got a channel.  But the 265 million is symbolic.  And should NPR be on its own?  Of course it should be on its own.  None of these things should even be talked about.

You know what I heard, I heard yesterday, I heard a discussion about the Net Neutrality bill, and about how there have been hearings in Capitol Hill about the Net Neutrality bill and about the FCC being able to do this and the FCC being able to do that.  And I was just thinking, as I was listening to this, because while theyre talking about the censoring of the Internet, which is what they desperately want to do, and theyre probably already doing at some level anyways, theres also this discussion, with the latest sting video by James OKeefe, theres also this discussion about defunding, or as I just said, not funding National Communist Radio and what have you.

And I was explaining to Mrs. Church last night, not many people know this, that the federal government stepped in back in the 1950s, and in their infinite, eminent wisdom, decided that we should have this thing called not-for-profit radio.  Now, why in Gods holy name would you have this thing called not-for-profit radio?  Would you establish it?  Would you consecrate it?  Would you make it a mandate of the federal government?  And how could they possible execute this, you ask?  Well, if you still listen to FM radio from time to time, try to find something decent to listen to at below 91MHz on your radio dial.  You ever wondered why below 91 theres nothing there, and that you have all these you have your NPR stations, you have your samba station, you have crap no one wants to listen to.  Like here in New Orleans we have deep cuts from 1940s jazz musicians.  We have the B side of records that no ones ever heard of.  Oh, but WWOZ is a great station.  Uh, in a market of 1.5 million people, about 5,000 admit to listening to it every year.  And Im being generous.

How is this possible?  Now, most people have probably never wondered.  Well, I happen to know a little bit about this because I work in radio for 20 years now.  The federal government mandates you cant make a profit on anything below 91 on the FM band.  Number one, where did they divine the authority to run the airwaves?  And, number two, even if they did divine the authority to run the airwaves, where did they divine the authority to make part of the airwaves not for profit?  Without profit there are no airwaves.  Theres no one to broadcast unless the publics going to pay for it.  And there we are back at square A.  Well, the public ought to pay for it.  Really?  Have you seen the deals that go on in radio station mergers over the last decade?  You dont think theres enough money out there to fund every manner of radio programming if it is profitable?  Who is to say that, because something is not profitable, that maybe it shows that the taste for it has run its course.

So we have the federal Leviathan being run now by the conservative Republican Party, or the allegedly conservative Republican Party.  And theres not a proponent of an actual free market amongst them.  I would say that the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, ought to be disbanded.  Have you ever opened up the inside of your cell phone remember, weve talked about this before.  Now, if you have an iPhone its hard to do.  But back in the day, if you had a flip phone, a RAZR, or some kind of phone that you would open the top on it, and you could actually access the battery case, if you ever opened up the inside of your cell phone and looked inside Mike, why would I want to do that?  Look at those nifty little stickers that are in there.  What are those nifty little stickers?  Why, they are marks from your tyrannical federal government.  Theres the FCC mark in there, sanctioning the little piece of bandwidth that your phone is using because without the government sanction in it, it could never actually operate.  Theres the CCE sticker in there that sanctions part of that.  Theres all kind of little stickers in there.  There is even tracking devices in there, little RF frequency emitters and what have you.  All this because of the federal government doing things that it shouldnt be involved in.

So the problem, and I only bring that up because theres this discussion going on here about National Communist Radio.  What about the rest of Leviathans interference in communications?  Who in the hell, where in the hell did they get the authority to screw with the rest of it?  And so the monster continues to grow.  As Rand was pointing out yesterday, not only are people not being serious about it, but theyre growing the monster at an increasing rate.  So as it begins to devour more and more of our wealth, more and more of our earnings, more and more of what we currently make and call a wage, it also continues to make sure that the next generation will have an equal amount of what they earn taken from them.  And we call ourselves a moral people.  We have Ben Assfleck testifying in front of Congress about going to save the people in the Congo because its our moral duty to do so.  Hey, Ben, why dont you advocate on behalf of saving the children that are yet to be born?  Saving them from having to pay back all of this irresponsibility thats going to be executed in their name?  I use the term execution here.  I use it with great seriousness.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

2011 Mike Church Show 

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Written by: TheKingDude

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