Why Don’t USA Christians Fret Over The Rest Of Christendom’s Slaughter?

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Chris Ferrara Interview – Hamas and Israel

God would not be a fan of Salvador Dali
Chris Ferrara’s book has become the subject of many conversations on the Mike Church Show of late

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The author of Liberty, the God That Failed, Chris Ferrara, is on the line with us.  You and I briefly discussed a little bit about what I talked about just now as it applies to the current carnage going on in the Middle East.  You said that you had learned some things about the scenario.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  The author of Liberty, the God That Failed, Chris Ferrara, is on the line with us.  You and I briefly discussed a little bit about what I talked about just now as it applies to the current carnage going on in the Middle East.  You said that you had learned some things about the scenario.  I don’t want to spend too much time on it because we have other things to discuss.  Do you have anything to add to what I just briefly monologued on?

Christopher Ferrara:  Obviously the situation in the Middle East is multivalent, very complex.  There are certain irreducible facts.  This area of the Gaza Strip has been turned into a virtual ghetto, there’s no question of that.  There’s been a blockade on the area, which is not much bigger than the borough of Queens.  I think it’s about 140 square miles.  You can’t get in, you can’t get out, and these people have been entrapped in this area since the election of Hamas, which was not to the pleasure of Western powers or Israel.

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There’s been a blockade since 2007.  It’s been going on for seven years.  Now you have these rocket attacks, which are the pretext for all of the hostilities exchanged between Israel, with U.S. backing, and the Palestinians who are trapped in this area of the Gaza Strip.

I find it absolutely remarkable that we have, on the part of American conservatives, this utterly mindless endorsement of anything and everything that Israel does in response to these rocket attacks.  I was driving along yesterday listening to a broadcast from the American Center from Law and Justice haranguing people to stand behind Israel.  It went on for an hour, over and over again, stand behind Israel as it pounds and bombs what is left of the Gaza Strip’s social order into oblivion because of these rocket attacks.  Then you hear discussion of the rocket attacks during this gaza_stripbroadcast.  “Did you know,” said the broadcaster in ominous tones, “that the rockets being launched by Hamas have the capacity to reach 70 percent of the population of Israel?”  One thing I didn’t hear was: What were the casualties of these rocket attacks?  The rockets are antiquated.  This is a feeble attempt by Hamas to fight back against the occupation of Gaza, which is what it is.  The ground troops might not be physically there, but the area is totally encircled and blockaded.  It is effectively an occupation.  The rockets are useless.  The Iron Dome shoots them down.  They really can’t hurt anybody.  Israel is adequately defended against these rocket attacks.

Then we hear about these sinister tunnels.  Yes, weapons have been brought through these tunnels, but so has food and so have people.  They’re otherwise trapped in this region.  Now the argument is we have to destroy all of the tunnels, which means going into Gaza and destroying all the entry points to the tunnels, which means destroying houses.  If we bomb an entrance to a tunnel and we flattened a few houses surrounding it, that’s just the casualties of war.  How long will this madness go on?

Mike:  I can’t answer that.  All I can tell you is, in the time it took me to say what I just said, and in the time it took you to say what you just said, there are no less than half a dozen angry people on my Twitter feed demanding that you shut up because you don’t know what you’re talking about.  [mocking] “If the Iron Dome wasn’t there, how many Israeli kids would have been killed?”  The Iron Dome is there!

Ferrara:  It’s adequately defended.

Mike:  It is there so it’s a moot point.  Why would you even suggest that?  Here’s what troubles me.  For the life of me, I cannot see or I cannot work my way through the embrace of juvenile child civilian casualties.  I do not care who placed the kids there.  It is irrelevant and immaterial who placed the kid there.  This would be like saying that since I don’t know who the father of the kid that’s about to be aborted is, I don’t care about that abortion.  If it’s a friend of mind and it’s his kid, now I care.  That’s how preposterous that is.

The lack of any recognition whatsoever that behind some of these people inside Gaza, which I guess all of our listeners have visited recently and they can bear witness and testify that every living soul inside that little strip there is a verifiable inhuman monster waiting to wreak jihad on the rest of the known universe.  How they’re going to get out to do this is beyond me, but we can verify this.  All of these people you were talking about haranguing people yesterday can verify this.  It’s just troubling that there is a lack of human compassion and, at the same time, there is an embrace of what is carnage.  [mocking] “Yeah, but that’s a casualty of war.”  Bingo.  We are so desensitized, so eager and ready to embrace war when we think that it’s to our advantage, or while we think the right side is being clobbered so I’m good with that.  Christ, before total war theory came along, that’s not how humanity thought about war.

Ferrara:  It has to be a proportionate response.

Mike:  You write about this in Liberty, the God That Failed, about how over time, the liberty people of the United States grew to embrace, accept, and then be the greatest users and promoters of this total war madness in the history of humanity.  How did that happen?

Islam_symbolFerrara:  This is a function of the democratic model.  It isn’t just the United States but all Western nations have experienced this fundamental change in the nature of warfare.  It’s an obvious historical fact that before the rise of mass democracies and the modern nation-state, wars were localized affairs involving professional armies raised by kings.  There was no mass conscription of entire male populations.  There were no national war efforts in which men, women and children were involved in preparations for war and the waging of war.  This is a modern phenomenon, which is intrinsic to the philosophy of the modern nation-state as a democratic mass collective.  The nation’s war became the people’s war.  Then we were introduced to the concept of bombing entire cities, such as the firebombing of Dresden, which was completely unnecessary.  It came at the end of World War II.  Half a million people died in that conflagration.

What we’re seeing now is a justification for total war on the Gaza Strip.  Just bomb it into the stone age to get rid of the tunnels.  We’re basically pacifying, demilitarize the whole zone.  There are a couple things going on here.  Everyone deplores the rise of Islam.  Everyone deplores the terrorist acts that Islamic terrorists are committing against Christians.  But notice the strange silence of the Western powers on what the Muslims are doing to Christians.  We hear endlessly about the effective equivalent of bottle rockets being launched from Gaza where they’re promptly shot down and produce no casualties.  But we hear nothing about the brutal murder of tens of thousands of Christians around the world today in Africa and Middle Eastern countries.  Look at what just happened in Mosul.  Christians were driven from Mosul after being there for almost 2,000 years.  Why are the Western powers saying nothing about this?  Why do we hear endlessly about how we have to stand by Israel?

The other thing that’s going on is it’s American foreign policy that’s creating these monsters and feeding their hatred of the West.  Why do you think the Islamic terrorists, to the extent that they are to be found in Gaza, hate America?  Is it perhaps because America has backed a sanction consisting of the collective punishment of an entire region by blockading it for the past seven years?  Do you think that might have something to do with it?

Mike:  No, no, no, no.  The other tragedy about the extermination of Christian populations, not only did the regrettable, the horrific travesty that was the Iraq invasion create what we are currently witnessing in Mosul, there are thousands-year-old Christian shrines that had relics in them that were joyously bulldozed and destroyed, reduced to rubble, right there as the Christians were running for their lives trying to find some shelter.  Not only do you have that, but last year, had some sane people in the world not risen up and said: I don’t think it’s a good idea for Western powers to be aiding and abetting and assisting Al-Qaeda in Syria, you nitwits.  You cannot link those sarin gas rockets with Assad.  It’s more likely that the terrorist lunatics detonated those things on their own populations for obvious reasons.

What’s been going on in Syria?  It was Assad — this is not the Assad cheering section, but it was Bashar al-Assad and his father before him that at least kept those Christians from being attacked by the Sunni there that would have just massacred them.  If you want to remove Assad and you’re going to replace it with a Sharia Law state, what’s one of the first targets going to be if there are any Christians left in Syria?  You also know that if you were to search Syria in the New Testament, you’ll find an awful lot of events and things that happened in Syria.  This is also part of the Holy Land.  There’s American foreign policy that would have caused that.  American foreign policy put Egyptian governments into place, then helped take down said Egyptian governments.


There is a centuries-old, millennia-old, it’s one of the oldest Christian sects on the planet are the Copts.  They even have their own language.  As a matter of fact, it used to be very close to Aramaic, I
learned the other day.  It might have even been a language that Christ himself understood.  You have the Copts.  Where are the Copts in Egypt?  Thanks to our initiative in the Arab Spring, the Copts are 2014_This_Is_a_borderon the run.

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They’re almost all gone if they’re not already all gone.  You’re right, all this protestation about standing by Israel — that’s fine.  If you want to say that, you go ahead and say that.  You probably have good reasons for that.  That’s not at issue.  If it’s the preservation of the Christian Holy Land and the Christians therein, then there are a lot more things to be concerned about.  It is the United States that has instigated and caused much of the mayhem and the elimination or outright extermination of Christian populations.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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