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Why Eat Truth When Those Tasty Crap Sandwiches Are On The Menu

Why Eat Truth When Those Tasty Crap Sandwiches Are On The Menu

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

House Speaker John Boehner has some competition in his race to retain his seat. This opposition comes not in the form of A sniping, well-funded Libtard but in the form of the Tea Partys David Lewis. Appearing on Tuesdays Your World with Neil Cavuto Lewis stated the obvious about Boehner He is a Socialist! Cavuto responded by saying that those are serious charges and could ruin Lewiss campaign before it gets started. Well that is interesting and perhaps we should look at Boehners record and see if the charge is true instead of just swallowing the party line whole. Cavuto also wondered whether Lewis had Tea Party backing, implying that he must not because of what he was saying.

When the vote was held for the TARP bill on 29 September, 2008, then minority leader Boehner, took to the floor of the House of Representin to goad his republican colleagues into supporting the bill. For good measure and theatrics, Boehner even wept crocodile tears over the bills certain doom in addition to intoning his infamous crap sandwich speech. The next day the stock market fell 7% while the Senate passed its version of TARP. Again on October 3rd, the bill came up before the House and with Boehners leadership in question, he delivered enough votes to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass TARP and save the banks.

Now, there are two points relative to Cavutos statements on Mr. Lewiss comments over Boehner. The first is that TARP WAS socialism. TARP basically nationalized the toxic assets of the big banks and financial firms and whenever something is nationalized that is what would classically be called Socialism. On the second point of the Tea Partys backing, it was the TARP bill that inspired many to get involved and actually form Tea Partys complete with mail-in campaigns that sent tea-bags to the DC offices of Congressmen who voted for the bailout.

On both counts it can be said of David Lewiss charges against Speaker Boehner that truth is on his side but who wants to eat truth when you have the choice of eating crap sandwiches?

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