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Why Russians Fear The American Empire As Americans Once Feared Moscow

todayAugust 7, 2013 3

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    Why Russians Fear The American Empire As Americans Once Feared Moscow TheKingDude

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the U.S. being viewed as the American Empire by the rest of the planet plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Yet, in 2010, not one death here in America resulted from terrorism. That year, however, 780,000 Americas died of heart disease, 575,000 of cancer, 138,000 from respiratory diseases, 120,000 in accidents (35,000 in auto accidents), 69,000 from diabetes, 40,000 in drug-induced deaths, 38,000 by suicide, 32,000 by liver disease, 25,000 in alcohol-induced deaths, 16,000 by homicide and 8,000 from HIV/AIDS. Is terrorism the killer we should fear most and invest the lion’s share of our resources fighting?… After 58,000 dead we left Vietnam. How many Americans have the Vietnamese killed since we left?” – Patrick J Buchanan

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    Why Russians Fear The American Empire As Americans Once Feared Moscow TheKingDude

Seeing Snowden’s “Asylum” Correctly. It is the RUSSIANS who should be making demands of the United States to return THEIR citizens we have arrested in other countries and unlawfully extradited here for trial then imprisonment. More evidence the U.S. is becoming the empire it once pledged to annihilate. “It would be equally interesting to imagine the reaction of McCain et al. if Russia routinely resorted to the arrest of American citizens in third countries—Belarus or Kazakhstan, say—and their extradition to Moscow for trial on various charges. That is exactly what the U.S. is doing to Russians.”

George Zimmerman’s lucky day! Lindsay Graham and the Tea Party hawks can finally get their pound of flesh over Benghazi as the U.S. inJustice Department, previously buys harassing Zimmerman, files charges against the suspected perps although as of yet we have no confirmation that they were Democrats, Liberals or worked in the Obama Administration.

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“Eye of the tiger Rand, Eye of the tiger!” Senator Rand Paul refuses to play Rachel Maddow style “catch a racist by the toe, or what he said 30 years ago, taken out of cotntext” games with NY Times blogger who can’t stop asking why Paul would hang out with such a racist pig as Jack Hunter is accused of being

Speaking of Jack Hunter, please explain to me, once again what exactly is meant by or wrong with being a “neoconfederate” as is seen in this post at Yahoo. “Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul lambasted a radio reporter Tuesday after he was asked repeated questions about his connection to an aide who resigned last month after it was revealed he had a history of neoconfederate sympathies.”

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Order Your Produce[r] T-shirt today!
Want proof that Big Media and BIGGER Government are podnuhs? Browse the headlines at FoxNews.com this week and witness the manufactured/reconstituted “news” e.g. after yesterday’s thrill packed story that the RNC will ban CNN from its debates in 2016 if they run a docudrama starring Slick Hilly, TODAY the story morphs into: GOP prepares anti Hillary war machine. And the proof /source for the “story”? Why yesterday’s CNN/debate canard, and so the revolving door spins…..

UPDATE: The domestic terrorist known affectionately as “Giggles” that was apprehended by Wisconsin’s brave men and women in DNR uniform has been executed for its crimes against the People of WI (breathing and looking cute). This drawn outrage from citizens who do not understand why apprehending “Giggles” required an armed SWAT team and then a firing squad

Reading this essay about why it is VITAL (the Latin for “necessary for life) that Catholics follow DIVINE construction in their affairs and not the liberal interpretations of Man is a nice analogy for why a ‘construction” of the Constitution must be followed as well

The Student Loan Bubble grows to resemble that giant zit on your kid sister’s forehead, it’s gonna burst any day now! Only 40% of the 28 MILLION student loaners are current and repaying their loans, while almost 10 MILLION are in or near default

Katrina vanden Heuvel at WaPo thinks that those college educations can be “free” and financed by altruistic students agreeing to “pay it forward” as Ohio is set to become the laboratory for that experiment

See, our corrupt, ill-educated media elites aren’t the only hacks and charlatans playing keyboard God, the Chinese and Russian Buzzfeeders are just as hyperbolic and might even have ACTUAL orders from the State to act upon whilst killing the Kiwi’s powdered milk bonanza

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Written by: TheKingDude

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