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Why The $4 Trillion-Headed Leviathan Cannot Be Beaten


Order the AUDIOBOOK version of this,voiced by Mike Church! Kevin Gutzman called John Taylor "...the brains of the [Jeffersonian] operation"
Order the AUDIOBOOK version of this,voiced by Mike Church! Kevin Gutzman called John Taylor “…the brains of the [Jeffersonian] operation”
Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“The federal monstrosity, the leviathan creature, the kraken will spend $4 trillion.  That’s what they admit to spending.  They actually spend more than that, but that’s what they admit to spending.  About $500 to $700 billion of that they don’t have.  It doesn’t exist.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  The federal monstrosity, the leviathan creature, the kraken will spend $4 trillion.  That’s what they admit to spending.  They actually spend more than that, but that’s what they admit to spending.  About $500 to $700 billion of that they don’t have.  It doesn’t exist.  How’re they gonna get it?  [mocking] “Yeah, Mike, how they gonna get it?”  They’re going to get it by printing it.  They’ll claim that they’re borrowing it.  What they’re actually doing is diluting the value of what you and I have in our pockets, thus no savings rate.  Congratulations, citizen.  You don’t need that savings account.  You’ll save your money where we tell you.  Have you heard?  When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.  You can spend the rest of the day today spending money, buy everything you could ever possibly imagine that you could actually purchase today.  You wouldn’t even approach a billion dollars.  What’s a trillion?  One thousand billions of dollars.  That means between now, today, and September 30, 2016, four thousand billion dollars will be spent by 535 oligarchical maniacs.

They’ll have some assistance from those who are inside of that circle that I talk about from time to time here on this show.  If you’re not familiar with the exercise, today is as good a day as any to run through it again.  If you’re playing along at home, take a piece of paper out.  Let’s all do this together, shall we?  Draw a circle as wide as you can, as large as you can on the paper.  I wish we had video here because I’d show you this.  Paul, are you drawing your circle?

Paul:  Yes, I am.

Mike:  Who’s in today, Owen or Carson?

Paul:  Owen is in today.

Mike:  You tell Owen I’m grading papers at the end of this show.  I want to see his circle.  You people out there, you better draw your circles and then send them to me and I’ll grade your papers by the end of today’s lesson.  We’ve drawn our large circle.  As near as you can to the middle, take your pen or your pencil

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

and make a little, tiny circle, just so that it’s visible.  Put an arrow from the bottom of the page pointing to the tiny circle.  Then draw a line from that little circle through the big circle, down towards the bottom of the page.  Right beneath your line that leads to the arrow that points to the dot, write “The Elected Members of Gubbmint.”  There’s a spelling quiz after this, too.  G-U-B-B-M-I-N-T, that’s how Reagan used to say it.  Inside the rest of the circle, you can write it at the top of both the little tiny circle, write with me, UNELECTED.  Next line, PARASITES.  Unelected parasites.

Let’s review our work.  Look at what you just drew.  That is the impregnable fortress that the $4 trillion creates and why it will never be dismantled unless it actually collapses under its own weight.  The tens of millions of unelected parasites that are inside the large circle protect and must protect the existence and the sanctity of that little, tiny dot in the center.  They’re the ones that are going to do the actual spending of the $4 trillion.  Some of you may be thinking: Does that include all the people that are on welfare?  No, that does not include all the people on welfare.  This is the unelected parasite class.

501c3approvedEvery time we give a wink and a nod to one of these 501(c)(3)’s, the most hell forsaken piece of code in the history of tax codes, the nonprofit.  Unfortunately, good people have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into forming 501(c)(3)’s because they don’t believe that they have a choice.  I know people that have 501(c)(3)’s that if they were to meditate upon them and consider why it is they have 501(c)(3)’s would not continue to have them.  The 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) enables the unelected parasites in the large circle to do what they do.  This is the gambit.

This is a great day to talk about this.  October 1, 2015, today begins the $4 trillion feeding frenzy.  The pigs are at the trough.  Obama signed off on the continuing resolution last night to ensure that the pigs get fed.  You know what the worst part is?  Most of us won’t get any of the bacon, much less a center-cut pork loin from the pig.  Ponder that for a moment.  Here’s another way to think about this.  We just went through the exercise.  Could you spend $100 million today?  Could you spend $100 million by the end of the year?  Doubtful.  Somebody is going to say: I could buy Dubai.  I’m just talking about buying pencils and paperclips and $800 toilets and $500 hammers, etc.  You would be hard pressed to spend $10 million.

Think about this.  A member of Congress — we did this math one day.  Remember this last year, Paul?  We did this on October 1st.  This is an annual festival for us.  Take the $4 trillion and divide it by 535 and you’ll get a number that will show you what is the responsibility or the alleged responsibility of each member of Congress.  You probably don’t have a calculator that will go up to $4 trillion.  An iPhone calculator, if you turn it sideways, will go up to four trillion.  I believe the number is 7.47.  I think that’s $7.47 billion.  If I remember when we did this calculation last year, I was off by a zero.


It’s not $7.47 billion per.  Is it $70 billion per?  Whatever.  If it was $70 million, could each individual member of Congress spent $70 million?  That’s how staggering this is.

This is why — if you’re wondering: Why did you do this stupid exercise with the circle?  Because the unelected parasites in the large circle will assist in spending the $4 trillion.  Do you ever wonder why it could possibly be profitable for a so-called “think tank” to analyze various federal policies and advise on how to make them profitable?  Why would that be something that would need to be jobbed out?  It’s make-work.

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It’s how the elite make money.  Here’s the best part: they don’t actually have to do anything to make it.  The policies don’t have to work.  The recommendations don’t have to be good.

As a matter of fact, the more preposterous the recommendations, the better off, because that means we have more analysis to do and more analysts to hire, and more shiftless, worthless people shuffling about believing they’re actually contributing to something.  I might ask: What?  What are you contributing?  People that have been analyzing the welfare state, for example, I won’t name them but I know a couple of them who have been doing it for 30 years.  The welfare state is still there.  It spends more money than it spent the prior year.  What have they actually accomplished?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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