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Why Was Kanye West In The Thanksgiving Day Parade?

(Audio)Mandeville, LA -You know those cartoons where you have tofind the odd item out? For instance, it’ll be a picture of a huge greenfield of grass, they’ve got some horses galloping about on the top left, a few trees with some nondescript birds on itdown on the left corner, a rocky stream flowing through the middleleading to a pond on the bottom left with a few forest animals lappingup a drink or having a swim. Then on the top left there’s an astronautboarding a spaceship.Which one doesn’t fit? Well we’d say the astronaut but we don’t know what kind of forests you submit yourselves too.

Today’sshow clip is a glimpse into the life and times of the KingDude. He’sgot a great Thanksgiving Day story for us involving parade’s,SesameStreet balloons, Snoopy, Macy’s and Kanye West.

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Where The Jobs Are-Newest Parody 

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