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Will "Conservatives" Let Scott Pelley Pick Their Nominee?

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Now, I am not challenging whether or not you agree with that, or you should agree with it. What I am challenging, and what AG just said, is that were challenging, why are you people making lovers out of the libtard media? And the only reason many of you are up in arms about it today is because Michele Bachmann got shafted, no pun intended. You could care less about the Constitution and the Founders getting shafted. You think the rest of the talk radio Mafia is going to bring that up? No, theyre going to be, oh, man, I love hearing about bombing Iran. Yeah, oh, man, that Romney guy, Im leaning more towards Romney. He seems to be more devoted and dedicated than ever to bombing brown people in the Middle East.

AG: I mean, you would have thought Saturday would have been a perfect example to highlight Huntsman and Paul and where they stand in terms of foreign policy relations.

Mike: Pit them against the other guys on the stage; right? Have an actual debate; right? Thats where youre going with this; right?

AG: Exactly. And, I mean, they started to give Perry a couple minutes there to discuss making foreign policy, having it start at zero. But really, the distinction…

Mike: Which is a good idea. I mean, it was pooh-poohed by conserv- Why, we cant do that. Why not? I mean, I think Gov. Perry actually is on the right track there. Again, Gov. Perry. And look, AG, look whats happening to Perry? Perry slips with his gaffe the other night, and the Decepticons, Oh, I cant be associated with that guy. He doesnt look Romney-like up there. Thats it, its over for me. And then he drops the big bomb, which conservatives are all upset over, which is, well, maybe we ought to start at foreign policy or, what does he call it, foreign aid, start at foreign aid zero, meaning nobody getting a dime. That should go case by case. Yes, and that includes Israel. Well, now Gov. Perrys out there saying things that I kind of think, I think are like, hmm, maybe theres something to this Perry guy that I did not see before. But he is not being accepted, is he.

But, now, let me get back to my point, and what Andrew is saying here. This is the point that I am trying to make to you, Mr. and Mrs. Conservative. And I dont care what candidate you are supporting. Why are you not crying foul, screaming, hollering, jumping up and down, writing letters to the news director at CBS demanding the resignation of Scott Pelley, demanding the resignation of, or at least a reprimand of Major Garrett and whoever in the hell else was conducting that debate Saturday night, when at least two candidates that we now know of were beforehand told they were it was a plan that they were not going to get any equal time. Why invite them, then? You are now allowing the hated liberal media to determine the issues that are going to be discussed during the Republican primary.

Now, this is where I, again, cry foul, and I again say that conservatism is nothing more than something, it is a term of endearment that you tell people that you are so that you can make friends or maintain friends and relationships and what have you. As a practicing and governing ethos, it is nothing because it cant defend anything. It wont defend anything. Look at the last 50 years. It is rife with retrenchments and retreats and sounding the bugle up [mimicking bugle]

EXCLUSIVE-Mike Church Show Audio & Transcript

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Mike: Why should now, I want to ask you conservatives a question. Why should the liberal media be doing the job of getting to choose who is the next nominee, and what ideas that nominee gets to support, or gets to enunciate, gets to promote, gets to debate? I mean, you people that sit out there and say, Yeah, it doesnt matter, Mike. What about, whatever, your boy Ron Paul is unelectable. What about the damn ideas of the Constitution? You have the liberal media now, which all of you conservatives seem to endlessly, with Speaker Gingrich and the rest of them, rail against. And so you have the liberal media then excluding to the tune of 89 seconds in an hour-long telecast the one man on the stage that would have presented to America, to the United States, a constitutional defense of a modest, humble foreign policy.

. Sound a retreat. And every time the retreat is sounded, then were told, hey, you need to give another $50 to the Heritage Foundation or to whatever organization Newt Gingrich is heading up because Were going to draw a line in the sand next time, Mr. Church. Were going to stop this. Except we never do. But we continue to delude, oh, no, no, this guy is going to stop it or that guy is going to.

You know what? Maybe turning to candidates for stopping things is not the solution. Maybe that doesnt work. Maybe you actually have to stop it. Maybe you actually have to swear off the federal or the state government sauce.

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