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Today’s Complete Founder’s TV Audio and Video:

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Today’s Founder’s TV Audio and Video Preview:

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – Ten counties in Colorado are voting on whether or not they want to SECEDE from the state of Colorado. And if it does happen and they are admitted into the Union (or they could stay out there on their own and start a trend) they’ll have their own Governor, own Congressman, and won’t have to answer to Gov Hickenlooper or the people of Denver. This is little r [r]epublicanism at work folks. Now a lot of people will see this Secession as a return to another S word… Slavery. But are there any people in Colorado talking about restarting plantation life? No. So wait, does this mean that Secession is actually about something OTHER than Slavery? Prepare for some minds to be blown folks. For more on this be sure and check out today’s Founders TV and sign up for a Founders Pass if you haven’t already!


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