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Will The EU Blame Istanbul on Orthodox Muslims or Nigel Farage & The Brexit?

Mandeville, LA – ORTHODOX Muslims strike again, in Istanbul, Turkey. How ironic that they attack the once Catholic, then Greek Orthodox City of Constantinople, sacked by the Mohammedan horde in 1453:

“Finally, 29 May, 1453, about 4 o’clock in the morning, a furious assault of the Turks broke down the walls and gates of the city, and the besiegers burst in from every side. Emperor Constantine fell like a hero at the gate of St. Romanus. St. Sophia was immediately transformed into a mosque, and during three days the unhappy city was abandoned to unspeakable excesses of cruelty and debauchery.”

Why didn’t the NSA stop this?
Send in the Drones?
How long til this is pinned on the “Leave” Brexit voters?

Paging Andrew Bieszad for tomorrow’s Mike Church Show. Meanwhile, here is a reminder of what we’re dealing with:

Mike Church & Andrew Bieszad Explain Why Brussels & Paris Are Old Holy Wars

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