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Windmills Hated by Tree-Huggers?

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Mike: Jim is in Ohio. Jim, youre next up on The Mike Church Show, Sirius XM Patriot Channel. How are you?

Jim: Since you were dealing with energy today, I was talking to another truck driver, and he was telling me about in his home state of Washington State, that they are closing hydroelectric plants out there in favor of solar panels and wind turbines, that they are greenenergy…

AG: IM story.

Jim: …along with clean and hydroelectric plants are not. They dont consider them by the EPA to be clean, renewable energy.

Mike: You know what, these people, its not clean and renewable because the people that have purchased the lobbyists and have paid to have the rules written to force people to consumer clean renewable crap that doesnt work, is not efficient, and cannot survive in the marketplace, see the closing of every solar panel manufacturer out there thats not subsidized this is exactly what we talk about when we talk about corporatism. Theres no surprise here.

Here, heres a headline from the Washington Post today: Wind farms under fire for bird kills. So you want your wind farm? Guess what, the environmentalists, the whale humping, bark humping, frog licking whackos out there, theyre not going to let you have wind turbines anymore because theyre killing birds. Theres nothing look, youve got to get this through your head. You have two sets of people here. You have the nature nazi capitalist who knows that he cant sell his favorite product. Oh, he so desperately wants to hug that tree, lick that frog, hump that tree. He so desperately wants the environment to be clean. And he sees the invention of the Dutch or whoever invented it back in the 12th, 13th Century, the windmill. Why, we could turn the windmill into the energy generator of the future. Well, theyll be all across the amber waves of fuel.

Well, theres a couple of problems with this. Number one, the wind doesnt blow all the time. Number two, they take up thousands and thousands of acres more, and they still cant equal the capacity of good, old-fashioned coal or kerosene. And, number three, they are environmental wildlife hazards. Birds cant see the damn blades. And so they fly into them, and they get killed. They get decapitated. You know what the number one economic impact of erecting windmills in your area is? AG, you know what the number one economic impact is going to be, is theyre going to have to hire people to go pick up the dead birds from underneath the windmill blades.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating to determine what killed the big raptors [out in California] and declined to divulge the conditions of the remains. But the likely cause of death is no mystery to wildlife biologists who say they were probably clipped by the blades of some of the 80 wind turbines at the three-year-old Pine Tree Wind Farm Project operated by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. In other words, its subsidized.

As the Obama administration pushes to develop enough wind power to provide 20 percent of Americas energy by 2030…. And that is never, ever going to happen. See Amsterdam, the Netherlands. See Spain. They have all bailed on their projects because they dont work. Windmills kill nearly half a million birds a year. [Sobbing]


Can you imagine the tragedy, half a million birds, who speaks for the birds? Where are the environmentalist whale humpers now? Where are they? Over nearly 30 years, none of the nations 500 wind farms, where 35,000 wind turbines operate mostly on private land, have been prosecuted for killing birds….

You see now, so they get you out there, they get you to build the windmill. Now theyre talking about prosecuting people for killing birds because of the windmill. You cant win. Look, these people are not going to be happy. The Sierra Club, you people that are so nave to have those silly Sierra Club stickers on the back of your automobile, you do realize that the Sierra Club does not want you in your little Subaru; right? You do realize that the Sierra Club wants you in a pair of sandals with a burro and Mary on the back of the burro being led across the Mojave Desert. Thats transportation, baby. Hey, dont let that burro crap anywhere because thats an environmental hazard, and well fine you. In other words, these people dont want you. They dont want us. We are the cancer.

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