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todaySeptember 28, 2022 2

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Hodierna Verba Veritatis et Sapientiae

“For those who wish to resist the power of evil, the Denethor option is never an option. Suicide is the final defeat. It is the triumph of evil, the victory of death over life. Instead, we need to take the Frodo option. We need to bear the burden of evil without succumbing to it. We need to be ring-bearers, not ring-wearers. We need to take up our cross, which is nothing but the weight of our sins and the sins of others, in the knowledge that there is a power beyond the dominion of the Dark Lord, which will give us the strength to prevail against the gates of hell. But we cannot prevail alone. Apart from the power of God, we need the fellowship of neighbours. We need allies. We need heroes. We all need knights in shining armour to help us slay the dragons of darkness.” – Joseph Pearce, Dwight In Shining Armor

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The Latest From The KingDude’s Substack

Moore Vs Harper Could Be The Catalyst For A Great Awakening…

Gentlemen! Let Us Be Inspired By The Pole’s Victory Over Muhammed On This Day!

A New October Red Revolution Approaches

The TrannyMammy™ Zeitgest Has Set Up Shop At Boston CHILDREN’S Hospital

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

The Final Catholic Generation? – Dreher asks the question and answers it as an apostate from the Faith would: Yes

56 GOP Members Beg Their Colleagues To Do Anything To Stop Biden’s Destructive Agenda – Too little, too late, the die is cast and their is no stopping The Regime’s controlled demolition of the ‘Murican  way of life

Apparent Sabotage Disables Nord Stream 1 and 2, Cutting Off All Direct Gas Supply to Germany from Russia – Eugyppius says that it is nearly certain that the US/NATO idiots sabotaged the Nordstream pipeline’s, this is an act of war, folks

Kremlin: Nord Stream Situation Concerns Energy Security of Whole European Continent – The investigation is in full swing now and the Russians aren’t talking, yet…

Meloni’s right-wing bloc wins Italian election, The Brothers of Italy leader is on course to become the first female prime minister in the country’s history – Meloni is the real deal, folks, she is a MIGA, Catholic

Culture War Erupts in Texas Town Over Drag Bingo Event Hosted by Christian Church – If you’re not familiar with Katy Texas, it is one of the most “conservative” towns in all Texas, so this farce is designed for maximum outrage from MAGA Christians

Marshall vs. Jefferson: Then and Now – Murican history buffs will appreciate this very lengthy explanation of how the ‘MUrican Constitution was INTENTIONALLY used to form Big Gubbmint here in the U.S.

The [NEA] teachers union promotes a how-to guide for “anal sex,” “bondage,” “sadomasochism,” and “fisting” – Christopher Rufo’s report on the grooming 1.3 MILLION teachers of the NEA should be shocking but it’s not

Federal Court Rejects Trump’s Special Master Review, Instead Trusting FBI Completely – The “Get Donny” perp walk moment is coming…soon

‘Flat-Out Lie’: Doctor Debunks Stacey Abrams’ ‘Conspiracy’ Theory On Fetal Heartbeats – OBGyn doctor calls Stacey Slobrams, baby and GOP election slayer’s claim that “babies don’t have heartbeats at 6 weeks, that’s a conspiracy theory”,  “A flat out lie”

The Unvaccinated Have Won – Kennedy Hall proclaims VICTORY over Canuck Covidian Justin Trudeau!

Gays Against Groomers Get Financially Deplatformed – This is the BIGGEST story of the year if you’re a bidnessman who also happens to be a Christian in thought and practice and has a public footprint of any kind, like The CRUSADE Channel and The Mike Church Show. THIS is the culmination of Clint Eastwood’s “Damn internet, screws up everything”

Why Does The NEA Want Kids To Learn Butthole-Licking? – The NEA is an abomination that should have been killed in its infancy, now its just another demon front group that’s grooming school children for Moloch’s harvest

Man Charged With Killing Teen Echoed Biden’s ‘Republican Extremism’ Rhetoric To Justify His Act – Sara Palin was harassed and threatened with lawsuits by the entire Demoncrat Party for the “target flyer”, President Trump was impeached and is now being investigated for allegedly inciting the non-riot January 6th riots but now that Regime Leader Biden’s comments on “Republican Extremists” has produced zombie killers of the same, has produced *crickets*

Tom Cotton: Conservatives Should Oppose Media Cartel Bill that Will Lead to More Censorship – This turkey of a “bill” is an attempt to drive The CRUSADE Channel News out of nusiness because it would require us to pay “royalties” to quote BIG NEWS published on BIG TECH, it’s an outrage that virtually guarantees underground news and radio will become a thing

South Dakota Is Debating What Could Be The Best K-12 History Curriculum In The Country – It’s true that this curricula has a lot of ‘Murican Exceptionalism in it but the historical events that inspire that are worthy of learning about and from

Russia to begin partial mobilization – Putin – NATO’s war pimps and their Military Industrial Complex benefactors are getting the war they’ve always dreamed of, a nightmare that’s dawning for the rest of the world

Dutch Farmers Resisting the Toxic Transition – We have seen these heroes of The Netherlands refuse to “eat ze bugs” but few are still covering the diabolical epoch which is proceeding without the farmers participation while TRILLIONS of $$ are being stolen in the guise of “climate control”

Parents’ horror over boy, three, sexually groomed by his school – The government of Wales has mandated that 3 year olds and up must now be taught HOW to “please themselves”, the same gubbmint has also now removed parents right’s to opt out making Wales the 1st official Groomer State in Satan’s grasp

Two More Texas Counties Declare Immigration Crisis an ‘Invasion,’ Bringing Total to 29 – If the GOP can’t “resolve” this issue for Texans and in the process begin to defang the Biden Leviathan then what good are they?

Implementing American Creation – This speech by Saurab Sharma is missing only 1 element to implement it successfully: New Christendom, but Mr. Sharma lays out a version of our New Christendom strategy which says “Keep doing what’s working and start doing what needs to work!”

Intermission: Last Post for Christian England, O death, where is thy sting? – The Abbey of Misrule’s ode to Christian Monarchy is a must read today

Farewell to the Elizabethan Era – Johnathan va Maren’s ode to the end

The Top Ten Greatest Requiem Masses – It is a tragedy of Liberalism that Queen Elizabeth was not honored with a Catholic, Requiem Mass

Change in Hungarian Abortion Law – Hungary continues to stun, Cult of Death Europe by progressing towards a Christian state!

Trans Mega-Ta-Tas In Clown World Canada – This HAS to be an actual mocking of the whole TrannyMammy™ zeitgeist it is THAT ridiculous

The 5th Estate ‘Murican Media Begins It’s Assault On MIGA Giorgia Meloni

Just watch, they are on orders from Abramovic’s Lair to discredit Meloni like they did Trump before she can even get started…

The Vice Is Wright

From Frank Wright’s latest

John Gray says we are not built for truth but for survival. This means that we will select our beliefs on the basis of what good they do us. This good is immediate. What is good is what works for me, now. The future be damned, we need some release from the anxiety immediately. Our culture, being predicated on the satisfaction of desire without moral or personal restraint is calibrated to immediate gratification. The manifold addictions which compose it are all forms of reward gained in exchange for cash. Goods, services, holidays, wellness, therapy, sex, drugs legal and not – all available in virtual or tangible form at a moment’s notice, and on credit if necessary. We are in a permanent state of indenture to our desires, a palisade of urgent wants pressing in on every angle of our formerly private space. This is another kind of invasion with its own pressures. Retail therapy is universal now, so the term has vanished. When things become total they become invisible.

Planned ExecutionHood Sings From Central Demonic Casting’s Songbook To Kill More Babies

Apparently not enough women are choosing to not chemically abort their 5-6 week old babies and offer their souls up for Moloch to consume… Planned ExecutionHood to the rescue:

Congratulations, Green Commies: The Future of Former Christendom Europe Is Dire

Peter Thiel is, I’m afraid, correct but he forgot the old EU religion of “Pagan, human sacrifice & cannibalism”

Nazi Pelosi’s Congress Just Voted To UnCongress Itself

UPDATE: I talked about this in Hopur 1 of Thursday, 22 September’s Mike Church Show, LISTEN TO IT HERE!

The “Electoral Count Act” is the final nail in the Electoral College’s and ‘Muricah under the Constitution’s coffin, let’s bury this suckah.

Queen Elizabeth’s Holy Example

Joseph Shaw is President of the UK Latin Mass Society.

The British Royal Family does not have a very positive record when it comes to the institution of marriage. Nevertheless, The Queen’s devotion to her office offers us an example: in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

Read the whole essay, The Unlikely Survival of Sacred Office

WATCH: Senator Rand Paul Plays CSPAN Clip I Discovered TO Fauci

Lots of people played 20 seconds of this clip that was posted on YouBoob in April but I spent an entire Saturday morning in April tracking down (published on my Substack here)

What Happens When L.A. Libs Move To Texas?

The Babylon Bee at its best, watch:

Gentlemen! Let Us Be Inspired By The Pole’s Victory Over Muhammed On This Day1

On this day in 1683, Don Jon Sobieski and his Winged Hussars stormed the valley surrounding Vienna where 120,000 Turkish Mohammedans had gathered to siege the city, kill King leopold, rape his wife and daughter then continue their march to Rome to do the same to Pope Innocent XI, but Our Lady had other plans. As Brother André Marie recalls, channeling Gary Potter:

Fortuitously, the pope of the day, Innocent XI, had just brokered an alliance between the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Poland, which was also menaced by the Mohammedans. When it became known that no fewer than 300,000 Turks were advancing on the imperial capital, Pope Innocent ordered that rosaries be recited in the religious houses and churches of Rome. The same prayers of supplication were offered throughout the Empire. Still, the situation was so dangerous that the imperial court left Vienna for Passau and took refuge there. Meantime, there were special devotions at the Capuchin Church in Vienna to Our Lady Help of Christians, whose famous picture hangs there. It would become the symbol of the victory over the Turks by Poland’s King John Sobieski when he arrived on the scene after a series of forced marches from Czestochowa.

Remember, then, CRUSADER Knight that NUMBERS do NOT matter to the Mother of God, your an my devotion and trust in Her and Her Divine Son’s Grace, in the face of evil, does!

Holy name of Mary, Pray for us!

They’re Baaa-aaaaack! The IRS is coming for EVERYONE Who Has An Online Sales Account

Boom. And so it begins, corporate ‘Muricah is selling the middle class scrappers out. This will only get worse if people try and hide their sales. Watch out.

Told Ya: Merrick Garland Is A Stooge Who Did Biden’s Bidding 

The shoes are now dropping from The Biden Regime’s Bolshevik inspired raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago: Biden ordered the DOJ to ignore Trump’s Executive  Privilege and search his Mar-a-Lago home!

Fauci Lied, Millions Died

The rats are fleeing the bad ship Covid, from Celia Farber’s Substack:

I asked Mr. Kennedy, by text, if he would give me a quote, (and to please not hold back.)

”Why do you think Fauci resigned now?” I asked.

He replied:

“All the lies are starting to unravel.

“Even Dr. Fauci’s propaganda commissars at CNN are asking why our country, under Dr. Fauci’s helmsmanship, had the world’s highest Covid body counts.

“His hand picked investigator on the Lancet Commission, Jeffrey Sachs, is now functionally accusing Dr. Fauci, and his minion, Peter Daszak, of helping to create Covid in the Wuhan lab, and of lying incessantly to cover their tracks.

“In recent days, his key and most loyal subordinates: Robert Redfield, Robert Kadlec, Christian Hassel, and Lawrence Tabec, have all distanced themselves, trying to get clear of the splatter zone.

Even Birx and Wallensky are doing Mea Culpas. The rats are leaving the ship. The Omertà is collapsing.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,



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