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Wisdom Wednesday Pile of Prep – How The Rainbow League Has Weaponized Christian Charity In “Pride” Month

Hodierna Verba Veritatis et Sapientiae

“It should go without saying — but I will say it anyway — that everyone has a claim on our Christian charity and justice. What is under scrutiny here is the disingenuous claim that a highly successful and aggressive lobby, united by nothing other than a shared vice and its attendant agenda, can demand acceptance based upon specifically Christian principles of charity and justice. This inversion of Christian principles is tantamount to weaponizing the Gospel against itself.Brother André Marie,On Loving And Hating In June

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Today Is: Classic Movie Day and National Barbecue Day!

The Latest From The KingDude’s Substack

Are New UFO Reveals A Reverse Deception Or The Real Deal?

Memorial Day – Is A Day of Solemn Commemoration, Not Hot Dogs

Donald Trump Was a PRIVATE Citizen When The FBI & Obama Admin Crossfire Hurricaned Him

Tucker Carlson’s LAST Public Statement Was “Take 10 Minutes & Say A PRAYER For The Future”…

The Satanic Reality Of AI S1E2

It’s Holy Week And We Shouldn’t Run From Our Lord… Or Trump

Saint Patrick Was a HOLY MAN Not a Brewer or Parade Master

Dads Lives Matter

LENT – I Fast So Our Lady Can Work Miracles-What’s Your Superpower?

Your Chance To Become Mark Houck Has Arrived You Radical, Rosary Praying “Extremists”!

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

WATCH: ROCKEFELLER CENTER GOES RAINBOW-HOMO FRENZY! – The demonic hordes running Rockefeller Center in NYC want us bigots to know that they’ll rainbow flag overkill you into submission!

Our Keystone Cop Military helped the Ukrainians blow up a Russian dam and then tried to blame Putin for it.

This City Is Now Renting “Pride Bikes” To Tour The City On – But what we want to know is “are the seats removable, for ‘pedalphiles’!?”

The Woke Marxist Agenda to Destabilize Kids’ Health – Did you know that 49% of all middle school aged children in gubbmint schools are now considered “obese” and yet the same Cult of Death that is grooming them for Disney pervs is also grooming them for BigAg pervs

Florida Catholics put up Sacred Heart of Jesus billboards to mark the month of June – My “CELEBRATE HUMILITY MONTH” campaign is in REALLY GOOD COMPANY as Christians across ‘Muricah promote Sacred Heart Month campaigns!

Welcome to the Objective Room – The Dodgers’ capitulation to the LGBT lobby demonstrates yet again that Christians have lost the culture war – Micah Medowcroft on the L.A. Dodgers journey from “pro-gay” to “anti-Christian”

Bud Light Essentially Giving Beer Away During Memorial Day Weekend Amid Boycott – The Dylan Mulvaney sexcapade has show that it has “legs” meaning Bubba, once betrayed, does not forgive easily.

How alternative proteins are reshaping meat industries – Notice what these creeps are doing here? They have quietly changed

People in the Middle Ages Loved Virtue and, Therefore, Practiced Cleanliness

Women Shouldn’t Vote Any Longer, Here’s Why

FINALLY! Someone Other Than Me Asks The RIGHT Question About The FBI!!

Jude Russo at The American Conservative has put the dot on the “i” for us: is the mere existance of the FBI, DOJ, NSA, ATF etc compatible with the [r]epublican form of government established by the U.S. Constitution?

Every Ruby Ridge standoff, every Waco siege, every NSA surveillance scandal, every Russiagate inquiry, and, one suspects, every Mar-a-Lago raid is to be followed by an investigation in which malfeasance is admitted and nothing substantively changes. It is true that there is no replacement for virtue in our public servants, but one of the ideas behind the whole American project is that there are checks on their power.

Not anymore. There are the appearance of checks but in reality, no check is ever heaped on those guilty of gross acts of tyranny against We The People

If You’re Going To Run For President I Have The Right To Demand You Defend The Constitution’

Just read it…

The Sports Illustrated Himsuit Issue

Just watch your eyes, fellas.

The Demons Are Ascendent, They’ve Come For The Children

We all KNEW this was going to happen:

ORDER Must Be The Order Of The Day

Let’s hop in TKD’s Wayback Machine and visit with Russell Kirk for a moment on WHY, what ‘Muricans really need right now is order.

Once I was told by a scholar born in Russia of how he had come to understand through terrible events that order necessarily precedes justice and freedom. He had been a Menshevik at the time of the Russian Revolution. When the Bolsheviks seized power in St. Petersburg, he fled to Odessa, on the Black Sea, where he found a great city in anarchy. Bands of young men commandeered streetcars and clattered wildly through the heart of Odessa, firing with rifles at any pedestrian, as though they were hunting pigeons. At any moment, one’s apartment might be invaded by a casual criminal or a fanatic, murdering for the sake of a loaf of bread. In this anarchy, justice and freedom were merely words.

“Then I learned that before we can know justice and freedom,” my friend said, “we must have order. Much though I hated the Communists, I saw then that even the grim order of Communism is better than no order at all. Many might survive under Communism; no one could survive in general disorder.”

Read the whole thing.

I Can’t STAND ‘Bama but I do Love Coach Saban

This is why…

Things You Never Think About But Should

From Marshall McLuhan’s grandson, Andrew.

The ‘work’ in question, which media do, is in changing the way we interact with each other, the way societies function, and the very nature and operation of our brains and senses.

For instance, the car and the highway made suburbs possible. Not until then was it possible for large groups of people to live outside the cities they worked in and commute back and forth daily. Large groups. Scale. Pace. No cars, no highways: no suburbs. Smart phones have and are changing the way we associate with each other as well. Face to face communication skills are deteriorating. Attention is shrinking, being compressed. Sentences are shrinking — the way we express things is changing — ‘because media’.

Read the whole thing.

The Cult of Death’s War on Russian Christianity Has Run Out of OPM

Biden’s Proxy War & Attempt To Ignite WWIII May Now Lose The Krauts

ON yesterday’s Mike Church Show, available here, I said this in my own words and completely agree with Gonzalo Lira: the Kleptocrats have overplayed their hand and are looking for a way out.

There Is No pressure You Could Apply To Make A Real Parent Take Their Child To See This

I mean it, we need to get serious about taking these poor children away from these demon inspired harlots and cannibals masquerading as “parents”.

Trump Performs Ash Wednesday Corporal Work of Mercy

While Biden rallies NATO to WWIII against Russia

Vladimir Putin Calls For The West To DEFEND The Family & Christian Faith

While Regime Leader Biden plots WWIII with the atheist Cult of Death dictator, Zelensky

Disney+ Adds Hate Whitey To It’s “Queered Up” Show Lineup

Why are any rational, peaceful people still throwing money at Disney’s 100 Year Plot to End The Family?

It IS Time To Rethink “The 5 Day Work Week”

Chris Jordan takes on the state of Maryland’s new attempt to make “legal” a FOUR day “work week”, supposedly to deal with the “labor shortage” but wait, are there “labor shortages” among the self-employed vocationists?

The Grey Lady Headlines UFO’s Over ‘Muricah

The Times assigned 3 of their “best” reporters to the story on the 4 UFO’s seen and shot down over North ‘Muricah since Candlemas

What Is Going On In Ohio!?

A train derailed on Friday filled with Polyvinyl Chloride which then exploded then caught fire and no one is talking about it. Here’s what happens when PCV burns and it ain’t pretty.

POTUS 45-Trump-Delivers His Own SOTU


The Debt Bomb Is Unavoidable Yet Congress Will Still Pull A Headfake

Rep David Schweikert of AZ, dealing 18 minutes of cold hard facts about the National Debt. Errybody should watch this

Congress Has A Sense of Humor

Josh Hawley FTW



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