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Wisdom Wednesday Pile of Prep-Battle of LePanto Edition

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, my daily roundup of stories that are used in making the Mike Church Show. Today marks the 444th commemoration of the Battle of LePanto “the greatest naval battle in world history”. The battle pitted the armada of the Ottoman Empire led by Ali Pasha against the fiercely outnumbered “Holy Fleet” led by Don Juan (John) of Austria. Consider the conditions under which Don Juan led the fleet, hastily cobbled together under the direction of St Pope Pius V. “The Turks had an estimated 328 ships, of which 208 were galleys, the rest being smaller supporting craft. Aboard them were nearly 77,000 men, including 10,000 Janissaries, but also 50,000 oarsmen, many of them Christian slaves. At Don Juan’s command were 206 galleys, along with 40,000 oarsmen and sailors, and more than 28,000 soldiers, knights, and gentleman adventurers. He also had the blessings of the pope and the papal banner; the ministrations of Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, and Capuchins who accompanied the fleet, the prayers of the faithful; and the rosaries that were pressed into the hands of every Christian oarsman.” And the result of the Holy Fleet’s, Marian inspired effort against this Muslim serpent represented as an Armada aimed to conquer Christsendom?  “Not only was the battle lost for the Turk, but so were 170 of his galleys and 33,000 men killed, wounded, or captured, as well as 12,000 liberated Christian slaves. Lost was a generation of experienced Ottoman bowmen and seamen; and though a mighty fleet could, and indeed was, rebuilt, and though the sultan was committed to renewing the jihad by sea — or if not by sea, then by land — the threat of the Ottoman Turks dominating the Mediterranean was finished.” –  The Battle of LePanto, October 7, 1571


G.K. Chesterton’s magnificent poem “LePanto” gives you a summary of the events of the battle as only Chesterton can.

(But Don John of Austria has burst the battle-line!)
Don John pounding from the slaughter-painted poop,
Purpling all the ocean like a bloody pirate’s sloop,
Scarlet running over on the silvers and the golds,
Breaking of the hatches up and bursting of the holds,
Thronging of the thousands up that labour under sea
White for bliss and blind for sun and stunned for liberty.
Vivat Hispania!
Domino Gloria!
Don John of Austria
Has set his people free!

SECULARISTS TRY AND FAIL TO EXPLAIN MALE, MASS MURDERERSWhile I applaud Damon Linker’s effort to explain the latest Mass Murder in Oregon as an act committed by another sick, young male, he cannot help but dodge the 8000 lb elephant in the room: none of these boys were Fathers, were seeking Fatherhood or had strong Fathers as a vital part of their lives. Fatherhood is a vocation NECESSARY to the natural Order, deny it, and you get a Male class that sees no future precisely because it has not been asked to participate in making one.

Rand Paul, Michael Brendan Dougherty and Great Minds That Think Alike – I won’t personally apply this paragraph’s titular conclusion but MBD’s analysis of the struggling Rand Paul campaign comport nicely with your  humble host’s which can be read here. MBD, also concludes that Senator Paul DOES still have a shot at the nomination but only if he can survive until the field is 1/2 the size it is today.

REAL MEN CRY AND CARRY GUNSChris Mintz went back into the community college site of last week’s massacre and was shot 5 times in the melee but somehow survived. Mintz resistsed the social media inspired urge to go “beta-male”, run and hide but instead was willing to lay his life down for his friends…. a high honor indeed.

The NY Times Publishes “27 Ways to Be a Modern Man”, 25 of which will make you a modern Metrosexual…”Man” is a stretch.

The DeceptiCON/Rubio Moment Has Arrived & Calamity Will Be Its Result – People keep asking why I don’t support “Conservative” Marco Rubio for el Presidenté, well, THIS IS WHY. Rubio, like most DeceptiCONS in their war lust, thinks it is ok to threaten the Russians with a “no-fly zone” over Syria. The incredible hubris of the IDEA of a “no-fly zone” enforced by U.S. forces over a sovereign country that we are not at war with is bad enough but then to impose this one on the Russians, who by sensible accounts are fighting the Sunni Jihad so it doesn’t spread anymore than it has in their direction, is 1. Foolish and 2. Loaded with lethal possibilities. Do these chest puffing chicken-hawks really love their bomb-making buddies that much? Has “catholic” Rubio considered the “just” nature of his advocacy (there isn’t any)?

Patrick J Buchanan: Follows up There is a REAL danger in devotion to ‘Muricah’s “Moral Imperialism” with “A No-Fly Zone in Syria is an act of War. “If America’s elites continue to assert their right to intervene in the internal affairs of nations, to make them conform to a U.S. ideal of what is a good society and legitimate government, then we are headed for endless conflict. And, one day, this will inevitably result in war, as more and more nations resist America’s moral imperialism.” Buchanan doesn’t even touch upon the ridiculous assertion that this union of states, home to the planet’s largest prison population; 55 million of its babies murdered by their parent[s]; and facing an epidemic of judgement porn killings perpetrated by a young male population that only has the time to fornicate but not the time for the marriage and fatherhood that should produce. I suggest we try some Moral Imperialism in our own communities first and when that is successful, maybe then we can tackle the states… the American states, that is.

You Can Cut The Tension In The Synod Air With An Ingot of Silver (or 20) – Steve Skojec at One Peter Five channels MBD and lays the wood on WHY the Synod on the family is the at-hand watershed moment for the diabolical plot to finally bring about the ruin of Holy Mother Church and by proxy, the final bulwark of Christ’s mortal theology. Dougherty and Skojec make valid observations but these, I FEAR,  will fall on either A. the mocking ears of their and my Protestant brothers and sisters and B. the ignorant ears of “lukewarm catholics” (capitals correct) currently in Apostasy and about to take the Synod and go full on Heresy.

CULTURE OF DEATH 154-PRO-LIFERS 0 – The alleged “catholic” governor of California, Jerry Moonbeam Brown just lent his Imprimatur to CA’s “legal assisted suicide act”. Note Brown’s theologic fallacy in his “signing statement”. “In the end, I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death… I do not know what I would do if I were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain. I am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. And I wouldn’t deny that right to others.” I am sorry to report to hizzoner that he doesn’t have a choice or a vote in the matter, his charge as a Catholic is to either accept the Magisterial teaching and live by it which would include refusing to be an accomplice to the Sin or to reject it and stop being “catholic” altogether qua: excommunicatus latae sententiae. To compound this scandal (yes, this is a mortally sinful scandal), he has now given the taint of validity to the act and proves, yet again, that the ‘Murican State IS home to our religion and keeper of its “faith”. Heaven help us and Governor Brown.

CULTURE OF DEATH 155-PRO-LIFERS 0 – The Pew Research Center reveals that a majority of ‘Muricans and a SHOCKING super-majority of Christians are in favor of euthanasia.

JUDGEMENT PORN ADDICTS GET THEIR OWN “PEEPLE” RATING APP – It had to happen because “there’s an app for that” and since Judgement Porn is Our number 1 vocation these days there IS now an app. It’s called “Peeple” and “people” can create accounts on behalf of other people and the “rate” them from 1 to 5 and then invite others to join in the judgement porn fun and you can even leave comments about the person you just rated. Digital Sin just got the app its unGodFather has dreamed of. I am hearing the words of Our Lady at Fatima “… and souls will be falling into hell like snowflakes”. P.S., i Can’t WAIT to see my “rating”!

REMEMBER THE WAR TO PREVENT SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE! – Clyde Wilson recounts that the term “amateur” used to mean a professional who did not accept wages for displaying his acumen and thus was the case for many amateur historians who chronicled the events of the War of Northern Aggression but were dismissed because they didn’t take gigs at Harvard. In classic logical reasoning Wilson correctly notes that the syllogism made by the promoters of “professional” supremacy, does not work

DUBIOUS SLICK HILLY: You cannot talk about tragedies and take political advantage of them… only I CAN take political advantage of mass murder!

THE DEVIL MADE THEM DO IT, SO HOW DO WE COMBAT HIM?4 CA teens planned to carry out a school massacre that was thwarted by an astute student who overheard the plot. Let us again pose the question: what is it that is driving, young, ‘Murican males to want to murder people like this? Are we about to see an outbreak of killings that will become more frequent to the point where they seem “normal”? Here’s an even tougher question: does a civilization that now has visual evidence of the the slaughter of infants and tolerates it really expect that its yewts won’t be morally affected?

UNJUST WAR THINKING, NOW KILLING DOCTORS – The U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan to “subdue the Taliban” wound up subduing a clinic and some of the doctors inside. This tragedy will be chalked up to necessary “collateral damage” in the ongoing “war on terror”.

TRUMPZILLA AND THE RADICAL ‘MURICAN VOTER – Remember presidential candidates H Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan? Remember that I have talked recently about the 90’s and the “Angry White Male” the Lib media obsessed over? Well, the AWM is back and is now being called te MARS and it is Trump’s popularity that is driving him, according to this piece at the National Interest. “War­ren called these voters Middle Amer­ic­an Rad­ic­als, or MARS. “MARS are dis­tinct in the depth of their feel­ing that the middle class has been ser­i­ously neg­lected,” War­ren wrote. They saw “gov­ern­ment as fa­vor­ing both the rich and the poor sim­ul­tan­eously.”

Dear Leader Did Not Let A Crisis In Oregon Go To Waste – The Obama White House and its Dear Leader wasted nary a second rushing to the Gun Control Parapets and blasphemously proclaiming “thoughts and prayers are NOT enough”. This assumes, simultaneously, that Prayer is effective and at the same time that who the prayer is directed to is insufficient to the task of moderating the affairs of Men. Welcome to post-Christian America, citizen.

Oregon Shooting Martyrs? – The latest cowardly maniac with a cache of weapons and devoid of the weapon of Grace is alleged to have asked students if they were Christian and if they answered “yes” they were shot in the head, if “no” in the legs. While we can’t draw firm conclusions from this part of this tragic story we CAN assert that the shooter lacked knowledge of Sin and the Faith Hope and Charity needed to overcome it.

SENATOR DeceptiCON: “The Russians cannot invade a sovereign country’s airspace and bomb it into oblivion…only WE can invade A sovereign country’s airspace and bomb it into oblivion. Senator Bombalot Cotton is outraged that the Russkies actually talk to the Syrians, were invited into Syria and then conducted operations against the Muslim lunatics trying to topple its government, thus the folly of choosing “good terrorists” to arm and “ally” with. SMH

Why “Conservatism” Is FailingCount the anemic views racked up for Senator Rand Paul’s animated rejection of the Senate’s passage of the latest “spending bill” to “keep the government running”.  You might think a moment like this would be shared by hundreds of thousands of “conservatives” in the hope that Paul’s effort might rally support but alas….

The Christian Edition of The Cowardly Lion Has Been Served Notice: You’re Fired – The Left and its demonic promoters never had a problem with being bold and in the process, decimated the opposition to the point of timidity, no more. Steve Skojic’s call to Christian/Catholic Crusaders “…against the crushing weight of an overwhelming foe, I, for one, would prefer tirades to timidity.”

OH HAPPY DAY! I KILLED MY BABY AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Anyone who has “, an incredibly positive experience” while having Planned Parenthood murder their soon to be born child via abortion and is still walking the streets to pro-create and then kill again, is a menace to civilization, yet that is the latest “rage” at the online home for the fallen: Buzz Feed. I refuse to link to the piece because these people need prayers, not clicks or comments. Here is a sample…“Hi guys! Like a year ago I had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood on Madison Ave, and I remember this experience with a nearly inexpressible level of gratitude. I would tell you all about the exceptional level of care I received from every single woman at the clinic on that day….”. The worst part if the woman who made this diabolical claim “Amelia Bonow” no longer has this post on her Twitter page, every repost of it I can find is an image file (not text) and she is now wearing a mask like she’s in the Prayer Protection Program. This looks like Planned Parenthood propaganda to me making it as evil as the original thought of “shouting abortions”.

GALILEO WAS WRONG, BACK TO SCHOOL MUST HEAR RADIO! – Today’s Special Guest, Robert Sungenis, gives us a 90 minute long presentation on WHY Galileo Was Wrong, the ground-breaking film series that finally challenges the “settled science” of Heliocentrism that never was confirmed. “Galileo Was Wrong reveals in spectacular graphics and painstaking research that the true scientific evidence not only puts Earth in a central location in the universe, but shows that it enjoys the unique privilege of being the only motionless body around which everything else revolves.” Listen to the 70 minute recap of this presentation and soon to come video with the all new Founders Pass Media Player

Darwin Was Wrong Pt I – Chris Ferrara reveals the story of a Jesuit monk who was actually making genetic discoveries in the physical world and not using the fallacious “hypothetical” that the sorcerer Charles Darwin used to explain “evolution”.

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READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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