Wisdom Wednesday with Chris Ferrara – You Can’t Be Catholic and Pro-Hillary

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God would not be a fan of Salvador Dali
This book is also signed by the author, Chris Ferrara.

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“The Protestant religions of that time had not wholesale abandoned most of it, including the birth control and all that.  You fast forward to today and you can’t say that about most denominations or whatever you wish to call them.  We know this simply by reading what these people write and then listening to what it is I say.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  “Satanic after-school clubs planned in Washington elementaries”:


A Satanist group said it’s planning to start after-school clubs at two Washington schools this fall.

The Satanic Temple said it’s bringing the After-School Satan club to schools across the country that now host the evangelical Christian Good News Club, including Centennial Elementary in Mount Vernon and Point Defiance Elementary in Tacoma.

Tarkus Claypool, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple’s Seattle chapter, said the Good News Club indoctrinates children into superstitious, fear-based religion.

In contrast, Claypool said, “We’re indoctrinating them into scientific, logical, rationalist, non-superstitious worldview. The program includes an art project and a curriculum that is based in free inquiry.”

[end reading]

Chris Ferrara:  Now, let’s not look at the people who are pushing this; let’s look at what the opposition is likely to say.  How are they going to oppose the creation of an after-school Satan club?  Are they going to say that Satan is real, that Satan is the embodiment of evil, that we must fight Satan in the name of Christ because we don’t want to come under his dominion and end up in hell?  No.  What would their argument be against the Satan club?  It offends me?  That’s not a legitimate religion?  That’s a losing argument.  What’s a legitimate religion?  When you’ve accepted the liberal principles, anything can be religion.  You can create your own religion on the spot today and insist it be given an after-school facility or an after-school club of your new religion.

Mike:  Not only can you create your own religion; you can claim to be a Catholic, as Mrs. Church and I have a friend who claims she is a Catholic.  For spare money in between catechism classes for her daughters, she’s gone online and got herself a minister’s license and is now marrying homosexuals.  When she was called out on this she said: What business is it of yours?  Well, it is my business because you’re advertising it and you’re saying you’re a Catholic.  You’re scandalizing me.  I’m telling you what the principle of the Church is, what the teaching is, and you’re out there telling everyone that will listen that that’s not a principle and you’re free to disagree with it.  You are free to disagree with it, madam, under penalty of let her be anathema.  We don’t hear that often enough these days, let (blank) be anathema, do we?

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Ferrara:  Getting to the argument that they’re going to make against the so-called defenders of our civil liberties, here’s an article in which the head of Liberty Counsel says, “I would definitely oppose after-school satanic clubs.”  So far, so good.  Next phrase, “They have a First Amendment right to meet.”  Okay, you’ve lost.  When a conservative has to admit that satanic clubs have a First Amendment right to meet, where is he going to go in terms of preventing this?  Nowhere.  He’s already agreed to play by liberal rules.  If you play by the rules of the enemy, you’re going to lose every single time.  It’s the famous saying: When a liberal argues with a liberal, the liberal always wins.

Mike:  One of the commenters that had commented on the Catholics for Hillary had pointed out that the woman who wrote the article that I sent to you, Becky Dingle, and others with her, if they exist, they live in this world that doesn’t exist.  They exist in this fantasyland that pluralism can actually produce unity.  By definition, pluralism can’t produce unity.  It produces pluralism, doesn’t it?

Ferrara:  Of course.  The motto of this country: E pluribus unum.  Out of many, one.  Exactly the reverse of the Catholic view of things.  From the one comes the many.  From God comes all things.

Mike:  Just to show you how far – and I think even at the time – for example, you point this out in Liberty, the God That Failed.  As much of a hater of Catholicism as John Adams was, he knew the catechism.  He rejected much of it but he knew it.  Why?  Because Western civilization was predicated and built upon it.  The Protestant religions of that time had not wholesale abandoned most of it, including the birth control and all that.  You fast forward to today and you can’t say that about most denominations or whatever you wish to call them.  We know this simply by reading what these people write and then listening to what it is I say.  I’m going to give you a prime example of this.

Rod Dreher, writing at American Conservative magazine chastises bishops in California because they didn’t co-sign a letter that was written by the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.  I’m reading this going: Rod, they can’t sign that!  If they were to sign it, they could only sign it – Chris, you’re the expert on this.  Out of my dimwitted laity-inspired view of this would be that a Catholic bishop could not co-sign a letter as a Catholic bishop if there was a statement of religion of any sort, of any form – and there is because I read it – that would contravene Catholic teaching, can he?

Catholics-for-choiceFerrara:  No, of course not.

Mike:  When you say that all religions are equal and we believe in religious liberty, that’s not the magisterial position.  That’s not the Council of Trent’s position.  You may say people have the liberty to transcend their goodwill and the faith and practice as they wish, provided they know what the consequences are.  That’s as far as it goes.  I’m reading this going: Here’s another fallen-away Catholic, Dreher, who apparently doesn’t know this.  He also apparently does not know that California, that the bishops have a far greater case than anyone in the Southern Baptist coalition ever will.  California was settled by the blood of Franciscan friars.  There were men that went out there, monks that went out there and died.  They were martyred by the Indians.  One of the most famous martyrdoms was the massacre at Yuma.  Yes, I know that Yuma is in Arizona, but those monks were traveling monks.  They traveled in between Baja, California, Arizona, and mid-California.  The idea here that a Catholic bishop or any prelate of any sort in California, that they don’t have a stake in the undermining of religious liberty in California, and that they somehow are a bunch of cowards who won’t speak up about it, there may be some today, but that just defies the history of California.

Ferrara:  Of course.  The Church has been de-missionized in the modern epoch, especially since the Second Vatican Council.  By de-missionized, I mean no longer preaches that membership in the one true church founded by Christ is necessary for salvation.  It no longer shows any concern for souls that are outside the Church.  It basically has adopted a smiley-face religion whose motto is: I’m okay, you’re okay.  That’s what we’re getting today from most churchmen.  Very few, with some noble exceptions, still preach the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church for salvation.  After all, if Christ founded a church, and he did, on the rock of Peter, it would have to be necessary to salvation.  He doesn’t do anything for no purpose.  He did it for the most important purpose of all, the divine mission of the salvation of souls.

If you abandon the missionary spirit and you succumb to the evil of pluralism, then you end up having to say, as Liberty Counsel now says: Yes, of course the Satan club has the right to meet on school property.  There’s a First Amendment right that applies to them just like everybody else.  You’ve lost.  It’s over.  There’s no basis any longer – and Pope Leo predicted this, by the way.  There’s no basis to defend the truth if you give error equal rights.  Error will prevail.  Jefferson was wrong about that.  That’s the classic liberal fallacy that if you let error and truth contend, then truth will ultimately prevail.

Gregory XVI also addressed that.  He said: Would you tell someone that it’s perfectly all right to let poison circulate throughout society, let people imbibe poison, as long as you can rush them an antidote in time to save their lives?  That’s utter nonsense.  Gregory XVI – this will be considered outrageous.  There will be howls of outrage when I say this.  Gregory XVI spoke of but never sufficiently denounced freedom of speech.  He didn’t mean freedom of speech in the sense of the freedom to say what is good and what is true, for the common good.  He meant the freedom of speech which says you have the right to form a Satan club.  If you’re going to accept that there is a right to form a Satan club, lie down.  You’re dead.  That’s where we stand right now.  We’re in a situation where people have accepted the enemy’s principles, and they’re trying to engage the enemy according to the enemy’s rules.  We can’t win that.  We just can’t win.

Mike:  This is exactly what’s going on in Europe, especially in France – by the way, France, the first daughter of the Church.  The once-great country of France is being attacked.  Of course, it’s been attacked since Sister Mary Margaret in 1687 told King Louis XIV –

Ferrara:  What period are you talking about?

Mike:  I’m talking about when she said: You’ll consecrate France to the sacred heart of Jesus.  You’ve got 100 years.

Ferrara:  That was 1689.  Sister Mary Margaret Alacoque had an apparition of our Lord.  It was approved as a subject by the Church.  He called for the consecration of France to his sacred heart.  Successive kings of France, including Louis XIV and ultimately Louis XVI failed to do it.  The story is that Louis XVI, 100 years to the day after he had been stripped of his power by the National Assembly, attempted to make a consecration of France to the sacred heart in his jail cell, but it was too little too late because our Lord had called for a public consecration of the nation by the king for all to see.  He waited too long.  Similar things happened with Fatima, which we’ll discuss on Friday, I suppose.

Mike:  And, of course, that’s the date of the famous tennis court oath.  What I was going to say is, the French are trying to combat the evil that they have let in and that they are partially responsible for.  They’re trying to combat it with free speech with Charlie Hebdo.  It’s not going to work.  The Mohammedan doesn’t care what you print on paper.  He knows what he wants.  At least give the Mohammedan credit.  The parts of his dogma that he knows he’s willing to repeat and act upon, and willing to defend to the death.  Now, of course, in Islam you’re free to make up your own dogma if Allah wills it.  Allah might will it if you need to kill someone.  That’s pretty much the way it works.


Finally here, in the waning moments of today’s program, there’s another part to this.  I know you’re going to get a chance to comment on this later on today.  Holy Father Pope Francis has, shall we say, stepped in it yet again.  He was asked to say something about the attack against Father Jacques Hamel, the now-martyr, who was killed while saying mass by Mohammedan madmen.  We now know they went in there specifically to kill him while he was saying the mass, so that they could take consecrated host from him.  They could desecrate him and say it’s some kind of Islamic rite.  That’s why they went in there.  Holy Father Pope Francis, in response to this, said: I can’t denounce Muslim violence because then I’d have to denounce Catholic violence.  We all commit violence.

Ferrara:  That comment is beneath contempt.  Anyone in the audience that thinks that remarks of this sort from the pope have any binding affect whatsoever on the Church, I want you to know that is absolutely untrue.  If a pope wants to make ridiculous, foolish remarks of this kind, then they can simply be ignored.  As someone has hilariously suggested, perhaps to alleviate his problem of the airplane magisterium, they should put Francis on an airplane and pretend that he’s going somewhere and have phony press conferences.  He can say all the crazy things he wants to say but Veritas_Radio_Nertwork_Bumper_Sticker_for_email_displaythey never get out.

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Mike:  I shouldn’t be laughing at that but that is funny.  Finally today here on a Wisdom Wednesday, we have this – Chris, I just wanted you to comment on this.  This will be the final parting shot here.  I revealed to the audience yesterday that the adorable little Olympian, Katie Ledecky, has professed – when she was asked she did not deny – yes, I am a practicing Roman Catholic.  Yes, I say Hail Marys before every swim race.  “My Catholic faith is very important to me.  It always has been and it always will be.  It is part of who I am and I feel comfortable practicing my faith.  It helps me put things in perspective.”  Well, Katie has now won three gold medals.  I have yet to see Michele Tafoya or Heather Cox or Bob Costas reference one time this beautiful little girl, a very accomplished young girl, her success and the fact that she’s a Catholic.  Yet every time we go to some kind of commercial break, if you’re watching the Olympics, you get a snapshot or a preview of the fencing team.  Why?  Because there’s a Muslim on it.

Ferrara:  We’ve been over this again.  This whole operation that they call “political modernity,” everything about it, including the Fourth Estate, the media, the entire complex, the socio-political complex in which we live is all about one thing: destroying the influence of Catholicism over the body politic.  Our Western world was once Catholic.  It’s that simple.  All Western nations were part of Christendom.  Since the so-called triumph of the moderate enlightenment in the age of democratic revolution, there’s been a continuing project of dismantling, piece by piece, all the elements of Christendom.  Now it’s almost a genetic constituent of this political order, that it despises anything Catholic.  It has the devil’s abhorrence of Catholic things.  It will not give them any coverage in cases like this or any credence.  But they will lavish attention on Muslims.

That seems mysterious until you think about it.  What is the purpose of Islam?  Islam is the anti-Christianity invented by a fellow named Muhammad who spent his life conducting raids, rape, and was a polygamist, a robber, and a liar.  This is the religion that they’re kowtowing to.  It has been spread from the moment of its inception by conquest, no other reason, conquest.  It began as raids at the beginning of his career.  It’s been one Islamic raid throughout the history of this religion after another, repelled back when the Church was militant, by Catholic forces.   Now we’ve lower3ed the drawbridge and we’re demanding, even the pope is demanding, the re-Islamization of Europe.  It’s unbelievable but that’s what we’re looking at.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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