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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Wisdom Wednesdays LIVE TV Stream With Mike Church and David Simpson


Mandeville, LA – 11 March, 2015 – David Simpson and Mike Church produced a lively discussion on the following topics from an enthusiastic Apologetic viewpoint. The Wisdom Wednesday audio is FREE the day of broadcast but will be for Founders Pass Members Only afterward (there will still be a FREE preview).

•A Knights of Columbus Chapter in Norfolk, VA, invites pro-abortion and pro-homnosexual marriage, governor of VA, Terry MacAuliffe to be grand marshall of the the Church’s St Patrick’s Day parade causing that parish’s pastor to remove the group from its Parish. This one has a happy ending when the parish priest severs all ties with the KOC

•Meanwhile the Archbishop of San Francisco (yes, San Francisco!), gets the Magisterium on morality  correct AND forces his Catholic Schools to TEACH IT, AND gets St Patrick’s Day correct while New York and Norfolk, VA blow it!?

•NY Times columnist Ross Douthat syas we are rapidly approaching the time when the only rescue forthcoming for Man will be the discarded and loathed “Old Ideas”

•The collapse of contemplative thinking on any and every political and moral issue that we discuss has led to the building litany of errors in both those fields and everything else they influence. What would G.K. Chesterton think and philosophize about all this?

25 February, 2015 – The launch of the weekly Video/Audio feature featuring David Simpson, “Wisdom Wednesday” went off well. The video feed wasn’t the best because we are not finished constructing our makeshift TV studio but the audio is classic Mike Church & David Simpson, tackling the issue no-one else does in a manner no one else will. Please enjoy this FREE edition of Wisdom Wednesday’s audio.


When we are finished the set and have figure out the TV feed and production problems, the video and mp3 audio will only be available to Founders Pass members. The TV show will still stream LIVE for all to see and hear but no recordings will be available for non-Founders Pass members.

Want to hear more from Mike Church & David Simpson? Click here for additional audio/video and transcripts

Today’s topics were

• The Sports Porn Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover and the shocking lack of modesty it stands for and promotes

• The Heritage Foundation DeceptiCONS claim that the U.S. military is but  “marginal” right now because it isn’t big enough, doesn’t invade-intervene enough and doesn’t have enough weapon hardware, David & Mike demolish that argument and want to know when DeceptiCONS will take seriously PTSD, and those families who have a loved one suffering from it.

• Obama’s attempt to bring an end to independent financial planning so the Federal monstrosity can monopolize yet another industry on the way to an “ism” that the American shoeple are not going to like.

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