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Women Traded Patriarchy For Snakes And Ruined The World-Time To Restore The Patriarchy With Carrie Gress


Carrie Gress

 Author of Anti-Mary, Marian Option, Theology of Home and the newest book The End of Woman

  • You had this incredible division of labor just for people to survive.
  • We do know there were women that had awful lives but that is not the norm.
  • We have to really dive deep into the lives of women that are working.
  • You know men don’t have great lives either.
  • We have zero concept in terms of what people dealt with back then.
  • Where did people back then put all their energy?
  • In building beautiful churches they knew they would never see completed in their lifetime. 
  • This is a book for men and women both.
  • Betty Friedan 
  • Congress for American Women – 
  • It was basically a Communist propaganda machine directed to women.
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