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World War Weird – How Neocons Plotted U.S. Global Domination Post Soviet Union – Today

todayAugust 9, 2023 15

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  • Everyone has known about this for years.
  • This has been an open secret if you were.
  • The truth of the matter is it is deeply crooked and he convicts himself by his own words.
  • It is important to remember and not surrender the fact this should be punished.
  • We are being conditioned to react as if this is normal and we know it isn’t.
  • Long term involvement in Ukraine – 
  • It is only a matter of time for them to really nail Hunter Biden and subsequently Joe b/c his son is a drugged up addict and didn’t cover his tracks very well.
  • I predict a call will be made “we have the receipt Mr President you need to resign”. 
  • The Democrats have a problem b/c Kamala simply can’t be President.
  • Wag The Dog film – 
  • This anti-West sentiment, the Africans have turned away from this and we have pushed them into the hands of the Russians.
  • Putin forgave millions in debt that Africa owed and then said in addition I will give you 50 tons of grain free of charge.

HEADLINE: Texas woman attacked by hawk after snake falls out of sky, lands on her by Rebecca Salinas 

HEADLINE: World War Weird Part One – A Strategy of Tension by Frank Wright

  • What  has happened to the West? Since the fall of the Soviet Union it has undergone a kind of metamorphosis. Peerless and without restraint, it enjoyed a moment in history of unchallengeable power. This unexpected win resulted not in a golden age, but in a cycle of loss from which there seems to be no escape.
  • This is supposed to be the peace divided – well we never got it!
  • In 2011 Qaddafi warns France: If I go down, you will be flooded w/ “millions of blacks”
  • The argument from justice is used to defend the influx of millions of young men with few skills and little love to offer their new hosts. Their numbers swell an underclass whose low expectations serve to terrorise the native working population with a vertiginous threat.
  • It traumatizes entire populations!
  • To go bomb peoples nations and destroy them simply b/c you can is horrible and it is pure evil.

HEADLINE: Androids and Electric Sheep: The Strange Case of Erica Marsh by Frank Wright

  • There is a motive behind the movement of people by mass media, and it is clearly one which serves the interests of power and profit. BlackRock is in the business of chaos, and it is with a weary absence of surprise that it is once more with them that another sordid story ends.
  • The making of belief is another technique, constantly refined, to produce a standard result. It is a model which seeks to profit from the manufacture of enormous loss – of God, of sanity, of society and its order. It is financed and advanced by the world’s richest, whose aim is the permanent exclusion of the popular voice from political power.
  • Chaos – there is actually a chaos that does what you describe here w/ Erica Marsh.
  • The solution isn’t more laws it’s more prayers and holiness. 
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