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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – What’s the one thing that Conservative magazines, tv and talk show hosts never admit about the Founding Fathers? Well, what’s the one thing that Fonzie could never admit to on the show Happy Days? He was wrrrr, wrr, WRONG!  You never hear any conservative pundits admit the Founders were wrong, the Constitution is a document sent down from Heaven and consecrated by God himself! Well, Bill Kauffman writing at the American Conservative says that the Founding Fathers erred terribley in creating the office of the Presidency… and electing George Washington as the first president.  Check out today’s free preview for more Fonzie and grab a Founders Pass to watch the entire show…

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I tried to see hear chat whatever but I can’t find the ‘Live Chat’ or any other chat button. You sure must have hidden them well. I got the free pass, thank you, logged in but your chat is not here, on Facebook, nor on Twitter that I could find. In fact, all the stuff I see is from October when the debate was on, which I tried to get to chat then also. Granted, I’m not a tech wizard, but if I stumble around awhile I can usually find what I want. But not then or tonight. It really is frustrating. But ill hear what happened in the morning, if I have to wait that long.

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