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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Young Republicans Record Rap to Attract Young Voters When They Could Have Stopped Rapping On Ron Paul

Hooray for the ACTUAL banker who ACTUALLY banks with his own deposits then must use profits to sue the Feds over Dodd-Frank trying to shut him down

Parker: You Republican imbeciles do not understand the female plumbing and how to politically treat it so “it” votes for you – Church: If the GOP hadn’t corralled abortion & the courts as their cause de millennia your plumbing would be your business

If you want to read what 50 years of Cosmo culture and admonition of motherhood has created, then read THIS screed from the Estrogen Avenger of the NY Slimes Maureen Dowd

FLASHBACK: Ron Paul warned about the rise of the DeceptiCONS in 2003, 9 years later they are still ascending and about to retake the White House – why conservatism fails and will fail unless its philosophical leadership is overthrown

Jake Tapper of ABC News: “The media has failed the country” – actually I think the country bought the fairy tale of the neutral press which defies human nature AND all our recorded history

McConnell at AmConMag: Bravo to Todd Akin for defying the “GOP horde”, I actually think Akin illustrates the current laughable state of the “conservative” movement-so wrapped in propagandizing and politicizing every facet of American life so as to make the case for GOP “solutions”

Get Toddy: DeceptiCON Media line up with Louisville Sluggers to continue thumping the dead carcass of Todd Akin whose untimely “gaffe” on abortion policy has made him the Christine O’Donnell of 2012

I TOLD YOU SO: Ask me again WHY Big Gubbmint is so profitable for the “Fable TV News” networks and shows and I will show you how Obama paid millions to OMSNBC through Labor Dept TV Ads

But Governor Romney is a fan of Akin’s grand exit

Larison: This is not the Paul Ryan super droid savior of Mitt Romney you are looking for

WSJ Poll finds Ryan pick has NOT moved the polls (should have picked Ron or Rand!)

Young Republicans turn to that old faithful standby of conservative principle and value: rap music, to gin up support for the Romney/Ryan coronation-Maybe you could just invite Ron Paul to speak?

The reality of our looming retreat from Afghanistan is now not able to be swept away by the President or his highest ranking men as the Afghani campaign to infiltrate and kill their “allies” – us – escalates

It is 1984 all over again and the cell phone surveillance state is not only here it is in our faces and our lives more than you know; whither the 4th amendment?

Phewwww: DC Court of Appeals strikes down Obama’s hired nature nazi, Lisa Jackson, and her solar power promoting, coal fired electricity destroying rules BUT the EPA lives to terrorize our utility bills another day

What is needed is a “conservative party” says NY Slimes columnist “a party who will embrace spending cuts AND tax increases”

VIDEO: The “Bridges to Babble and Babble-on” tour of Joe Biden continues – Speaking of Joey B, he will actually be IN Tampa next week for the RNC, look for him to call Mitt Romney a “nappy headed schmoe”

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I was totally going to like vote my like conscience and choose Ron Paul, but like, now that I heard that song, I am going to like totally vote for the Republicans, because, like I totally agree that the problem is totally like Obama. Thanks for like playing that and stuff.

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